Disaster Management – How location intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM helps!

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location intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM

Floods, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Landslides, Wildfires are some of the most commonly occurring natural calamities the world over. Every year, on an average, millions of homes are wrecked, lives are lost, property, monuments, flora, fauna get destroyed and life comes to a standstill. This catastrophe occurs every year in almost every part of the world leaving rehabilitation of the losses as the biggest trick question post that.

Every governing body in its way tries to restore the physical losses, tries providing monetary help and other support, and brings back the general well-being of the people. However, in densely populated regions and developing countries the restoring help either takes a lot of time to reach the people in need or never reaches at all.

Maplytics could be applied to play an important role to ease out the troubles faced during post-calamity management. Maplytics is a preferred, 5 star rated multi-language, geo-analytical mapping app on Microsoft Appsource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/ Dataverse (Power Apps). It empowers users across verticals with the power of Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Territory Management, Automated Appointment Planning, Proximity Search, and much more to drive better sales, improve business processes, and so on.

It integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM records with live maps and plots records virtually over the maps. The records in case of a calamity management program could be of the individuals, families, vendors, businesses, etc. affected by a particular calamity. It would also populate the personal details of the record holders pointing out their losses, kinds of losses, help required, help provided, and so on. This would maintain a record of the geo-coded data of the people and easily help track the restoration success. All the stages of the help provided, when, what, and how could be tracked easily!

It is often observed in such situations that the vehicles carrying the primary help kits do not reach the affected destinations in time or with a full stack of inventory. In such situations, the Truck Routing and the Optimized Routing features of Maplytics could end up being helpful. The huge trucks carrying the help kits could have an optimized route assigned to them. The trucks following those assigned paths could then be tracked continuously until they reach the proper destination where the people in need are waiting. In case the trucks are carrying vaccines, they need to reach the calamity-struck regions quickly and in the correct state. Traffic-free, toll-free, optimized routes could be a blessing in these situations. The vaccines could thus reach in their proper temperature, condition, and state!

In a calamity-affected region, not everybody is affected by the same trouble. Some houses are destroyed, some cars, some lives, and more. Thus, the help to be meted out too is different based on the loss. Using the Territory Management feature of Maplytics, small territories could be plotted over the maps for the areas requiring the same kind of help. For instance, all the citizens suffering from homelessness can be considered as a single territory and an answerable in-charge could be provided to look after them.

If an assigned in-charge, say Sam, is on a field visit to check in on the people affected by a calamity, he could use the Radius Search feature from his location and plot the families in the surrounding requiring help and visitation. Thus, Sam could easily move among those affected and carry out his duties effectively.

In the same way, if there are several such field reps assigned by the governing bodies to cover the various affected families/ businesses, they could utilize the Maplytics feature of auto-scheduling. The travel of all the volunteers, say, certain medics could be pre-scheduled and the medics could cover the affected party one at a time at a proper pace. This would ensure timely help and coverage for all. The medics could also plot affected families or businesses along their way while already being on a scheduled path. In case the affected regions are huge, area-wise, the volunteers could search for Point of Interest locations such as cafes, restaurants, gas stations, etc. for their use while being on the job.

Thus, could be some of the applications of Maplytics in rehabilitating the lives post a calamity. Maplytics is a jukebox of innovative features. When effectively applied, it could help reap maximum benefits for the betterment of the affected people and their restoration. An added advantage for the field reps, healthcare workers, etc. is the flexible nature of Maplytics over multiple platforms and its multi-lingual presence. These field reps can thus move around freely and yet be connected to the database and their managers. To know more about the other such features and applications of Maplytics, do have a look at our Video Library. Also, write us your mapping needs at crm@inogic.com and get a free demo and a Q/A session scheduled especially based on your requirements and needs.

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