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Copy Dynamics 365 CRM records

In this day and age of automation, doing repetitive data entry or any manual work for a prolonged period of time is a big NO! But according to some surveys, nearly 40% of employees using CRM spend a quarter of the week on manual, repetitive tasks!

Quite surprising, isn’t it?

So what can be done to ease the work life of Dynamics 365 CRM users?

Well! There is one solution – Click2Clone - a 1 Click productivity app which enables users to copy/clone Dynamics 365 CRM records along with related child records with just a single click.

Sounds interesting? Then check out the infographic and see what more this amazing Microsoft Preferred App can do for you.

Copy records in Dynamics 365 CRM

In short, with Click2Clone you can –

  • Clone Custom and OOB Entities

Whether it is OOB entities or custom entities, like Quote, Order or Invoice; with Click2Clone you can effortlessly clone/copy these records in Dynamics 365 CRM.

  • Clone Single or Multiple Records

Making an exact copy of a Dynamics 365 CRM record (even with more than 100 line items) has become easier with Click2Clone. Not only this, you can select multiple records and clone them at once with just a single click.

  • Choose Fields to copy

Sometimes, you don’t require all fields of a record while creating a copy of that record. In such cases, Click2Clone also provides the ability to select the fields to be copied.

  • Create n number of copies

In some cases, you may need to copy a particular record multiple times. For such situations, Click2Clone gives you provision to create multiple copies of any OOB or Custom entity record in Dynamics 365 CRM. Now you no longer have to repeat the process of cloning a record again and again.

  • Clone from one entity to another

With Click2Clone, you can clone/copy records from one entity to another. This proves useful when you want to copy some attributes from let’s say Opportunity entity record to Order entity record quickly and effortlessly.

  • Clone Related Records

Another factor is that with Click2Clone, you can copy/clone the related/associated child records from one record to another within the same entity. This is handy when you want add the same line items from one record to another existing record without creating a duplicate copy of the record.

  • Copy Hierarchical Relationships

Cloning hierarchical relationships is a quite tedious task. With Click2Clone, you can clone these relationships with ease.

  • Clone Child Records

With Click2Clone, you can also copy/clone child records based on the rule specified in Child Templates of the respective entity. In short, it ensures that each and every detail in a record is cloned.

  • Automate Cloning process using Workflows

There might be situations when you are not available or overloaded with work. In such cases, you can also automate cloning of records and create multiple copies of any given record with workflows.

That’s it for now.

Get first-hand experience of all these Click2Clone features by downloading it from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a free trial period of 15 days.

Mail us at for personal demo or any cloning related queries.

Also, check out our other two popular 1 Click productivity apps for Dynamics 365 CRM – Click2Export & Click2Undo. Now exporting CRM data and restoring deleted records in CRM is just a click away!

This year, say goodbye to all repetitive data entry!

Have a great year ahead!

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  1. Does this tool move related documents in SharePoint linked to a CE record via the native SharePoint integration, too?

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