Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Storage

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Storage


 Storage Add-On for Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides your business with Database, File, and Log storage right out of the box. But, as you continue to use these powerful tools there may come a point where your storage needs exceed what's available. Worry not! Microsoft has made adding storage to your Dynamics 365 CRM possible, so your critical platforms can grow with you.

In April 2019, Microsoft changed the way they price additional storage for Dynamics. In this post, we will review the legacy model for storage, outline the new model, highlight the differences, and provide some information on workarounds within the Microsoft Environment without needing to use Microsoft add-on Storage.

Legacy Dynamics 365 Storage


Prior to April 2019, Microsoft used a different model to provide, manage, and add storage to Dynamics 365 environments. The simplest way to think about the legacy model is all storage in the same bucket, regardless of whether the data was a File, a Log, or in your Database. To add storage capacity of any type, one would simply purchase the capacity in GB increments for $5 a piece.

Out of the box, your Dynamics 365 instance provides 10GB of storage with an additional 5GB for every ten users with a full license. Like the capacity add-on, this storage did not differentiate between Database, File, or Log data.

The New Dynamics 365 Storage Model


After April 2019, Microsoft introduced a new storage model that affected both the storage provided out of the box and the add-on capacity options. Rather than thinking of storage as all in the same bucket, we now think of storage as having three buckets; Database, File, and Log.


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