Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce: CRM Integration Comparison

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce: CRM Integration Comparison

CRM integrations help users solve problems, expand system functionality and streamline processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 vs. Salesforce - each provides competitive integration options for businesses. Which CRM is right for your organization? To answer that question, let's review the types of integrations each platform supports.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is designed to seamlessly integrate with all Microsoft tools, such as Teams, Office 365, SharePoint, and Outlook, just to name a few. Microsoft's AppSource, an online store containing thousands of installable applications that work with the CRM's common data model, make it possible for integrating with third-party apps.

There are out-of-the-box data management tools Microsoft offers, such as downloadable templates and data import wizards, where users can import almost any record type into the CRM from various systems. Comma-separated value (.csv), compressed (.zip), Excel (.xml), or text files are acceptable file types for importing.

In addition to out-of-the-box capabilities, Microsoft seamlessly integrates other reporting tools and social media platforms. Power BI is Microsoft's primary business intelligence tool used for data visualization and business analytics, which allows users to create stunning dashboards, reports, and share insights. Moreover, the Microsoft Teams for Dynamics 365 integration provides an all-in-one solution for team collaboration across multiple records and documents.

Dynamics 365 owns a lot of the app connections and tools it supports. If your company is already working with a dedicated Microsoft infrastructure, the user experience across each solution is bound to be better with Microsoft Dynamics 365 compared to another CRM or ERP solution.


Salesforce relies heavily on its app store, knowns as AppExchange, to support a wide-range of business functions

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