Help Account Managers Get More Done in CRM by Controlling the Flow

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How can your CRM help account managers simplify tasks?

Most users view their CRM as a giant data center. It is where all of the data from silos, such as email accounts, spreadsheets, and operational systems, come together. While that is true, it barely scratches the surface of the value that you can get from your CRM.

CRM can simplify tasks so your account managers can consistently provide a higher level of customer service. This strengthens customer relationships and frees up their time so they can sell more.

In this second article in our series on driving more value with your CRM system, I want to share my best strategies to “control the flow.”

Strategy #1: Don’t miss a beat with Workflows

Workflows in Dynamics 365 allow you to define a step-by-step process for many common tasks. This is generally used for customer service; for example, there is a definite way to resolve support tickets. You can also define a sales process - qualify, send proposal, negotiate, close. However, you can do the same for account management.

There are many things that your clients routinely ask of their account managers, such as a year-end statement, purchase history, requesting credit, or a line-of-credit extension. Workflows make it easy for them to do it quickly and never miss a step. As a result, the client is happy, and the account manager can move on to other priorities.

Strategy #2: Make it click-of-a-button easy with Automation

Automation can eliminate the time spent on repetitive tasks by turning them into clickable buttons. There are simple things that account managers do every day for their clients. Even if it “takes only a few minutes,” that’s a “few minutes” saved, and it all adds up.

For example, what if a client requests a copy of their most recent invoice? That usually involves changing apps to dig into accounting or requesting it from someone in the accounting department. Then it gets routed back to you, and you create a new email, write a standard message, attach the invoice, and send it to the client. Why not consolidate this task to a single click? The invoice is automatically pulled, the email addressed, the client greeted, and the message sent.

Saving time is one benefit, and that can result in more sales. But when you look beyond the bottom line, you will see the impact it makes when your customers have a solid and consistent experience each time they reach out to your organization.

Strategy #3: Consistent communication and a personal touch with Templates

Many messages are sent to your clients that are either similar in nature or repeated every so often. These can also be removed from the to-do lists of your account managers. In Dynamics 365, you can leverage Outlook or Word templates merged with client data to create consistent emails quickly. For example, a product catalog, a credit form, or an order form. Use a template, select the contacts you want to reach, and send. Each client receives a personalized message.

Customer credit checks are another good example. Simply open the customer record, click “Send an Email,” and select the credit check email template. The new message is addressed, the form attached, and standard language added in the body. The account manager can add a personal note and click “Send”—simple, fast, consistent.

Next steps

Your organization can use these strategies to control the flow, simplify the actions of account managers, and give them more power to strengthen relationships with customers and focus on profitability.

Start by getting feedback from your team:

  • List the common, repetitive tasks that could be automated.
  • Record the steps necessary to complete each process.
  • Decide how information should be presented to the client.
  • Invite your CRM partner to help you set up workflows, automation, and templates.

If you are a current or future user of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Azamba Consulting can assist you to get real, measurable benefit from your investment and drive value.

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By Peter Wolf, Azamba Consulting Group,

Peter Wolf is the president and founder of Azamba. He has spent the last 20 years focused on helping small and medium-sized businesses become more profitable through effective and efficient usage of CRM.

His passion is blending the promise of CRM with the realities of business needs to create successful outcomes.

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