What's driving the Factory of the Future?

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Your customers expect personalization, constant innovation and exemplary user experiences- and they don’t want to have to wait for delivery. As traditional markets are being disrupted and turned upside down by supply chain delays and innovative entrants, new markets are being built, and the competition – always fierce – is intensifying.

As smart factories and IoT technologies transform what it means to manufacture, it’s critical that your technology platform is integrated, intelligent, scalable and secure.

But when you’re faced with supply chain gaps and labor shortages, that isn’t always so easy.

Microsoft's cloud-based solutions can help you gain complete control and visibility over your business, from the factory floor to your customer’s door.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, you can:

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing provides you with a connected, flexible platform that lets you decide on the functionality you need based on your requirements, time frame, and budget, while making it easy to add more when the time is right. It provides reliable remote access to your critical factory assets and arm your teams with an intelligent, secure platform to deliver results. You also get the finance and sales insights you need to deliver your products to market faster and smarter. And for the service side of your business, best-in-breed remote assist and predictive monitoring empower you to leverage the latest IoT and machine learning technologies.

At HSO, business transformation is what we do. Let us help you reimagine, reinvent and realize your factory of the future with Microsoft.

Improve Your Manufacturing Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Learn more about HSO for Manufacturing and how we’re helping businesses like yours with award-winning Microsoft technologies, like:

And a wide range of business applications designed to help your company reach it’s goals.

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