Webinar - SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob Storage manage documents/attachments on cloud, sync Dynamics 365 CRM security model with SharePoint the smart way!

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Given the volume of data in CRM, managing documents and storage space in Dynamics 365 CRM is no mean feat. And most of the business professionals agree that this tedious task tends to hamper their productivity. In such situations, it becomes necessary to find new smart ways to tackle this persisting problem.

But you don’t have to look further, for our two popular document management apps - SharePoint Security Sync and Attach2Dynamics (both Microsoft Preferred Apps) - will help you in this endeavor.

In the upcoming webinar, we will give you an in-dept demonstration about these amazing apps which will help you to effectively manage CRM documents on cloud, ensure enhanced data security on SharePoint and free up space in Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Wednesday, 6th October 2021, 11:00 AM EST

In this session, we will walk you through the following features of both apps;

  • Integrate with SharePoint, Dropbox or Azure Blob as the cloud storage location for your files and attachments
  • Drag and drop multiple files and folders to upload them all at once
  • Generate anonymous links to the documents to share outside of the organization
  • Directly email the files as attachments or links to documents from within CRM
  • Upload, Rename, Delete and Search files from cloud storages
  • Bulk Migrate Note/Email/Sales Literature attachments to the configured cloud storage
  • Security Template to control user privileges to the various actions discussed above
  • Access to SharePoint folders controlled by the security roles defined in Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Sync the security privileges for existing folders associated with Dynamics 365 CRM record
  • Connect and actively manage files and folders on more than one SharePoint sites and folders
  • Support to create customized document library structure within SharePoint
  • Seamless integration with DocuSign for e-signature

So don’t wait any further! Register now for this insightful session and learn new smart ways to manage documents and storage space in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Looking forward to an enriching and illuminating session.

See you soon!

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