Store Dynamics 365 CRM data in SharePoint in customized folder structure, the way you always wanted!

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For a majority of business professionals, the outdated ways to manage Dynamics 365 CRM documents/attachments causes hindrance to their productivity. But with the arrival of SharePoint Security Sync  - a popular SharePoint integration app – managing CRM documents/attachments has become much easier and flexible. It has enhanced the user experience and ensured secure access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint. And now with its latest feature – Custom Folder Structure – managing and storing CRM data in SharePoint has become the way you always wanted it to be.

So, what is this new feature all about?

Custom Folder Structure

You can now create your own document library structure within SharePoint for storing documents/attachments with this latest feature. Earlier, there were limitations for creating customized folder structure. But now you can customize both library structure as well as the record folder structure in SharePoint site. The document library structure can be customized in the following ways - By Period (periodically), By Starting Character (alphabetically), or Custom (based on any particular field name).

For example, suppose you want to store half yearly CRM data of Accounts entity in SharePoint. Here, you can create a periodical document library for six months and save documents/attachments related to that period in it. All you have to do is set ‘Period type’ to ‘X Month’ and ‘Duration’ to ‘6’ for Account entity. Further, you can also customize the record folder structure in SharePoint by using logical name, text or a combination of both logical name and text.

Now based on this setting a half yearly document library will be created in SharePoint for whichever Account entity record created for that particular period.

SSS Custom Folder

In the same way, the document library structure can be customized alphabetically or based on any particular field name in CRM records. Overall, this feature is quite handy for segregating and storing CRM data in SharePoint.

What you saw is just a brief insight about the latest Custom Folder Structure feature of SharePoint Security Sync (Microsoft Preferred App). To learn more, you can download this amazing app from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days and get first-hand experience of its new feature.

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Until then – Be Safe, Be Organized!

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