Microsoft Releases New Updates to Power Platform

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Discover the latest features and capabilities of Power BI and Power Apps released in Fall 2021. 

Historically, gathering, analyzing, and reporting on corporate data was achievable only by IT professionals or those with strong technical skills. Business executives or other employees who wanted to access data had to submit a formal and specific request to IT teams and wait for the report to be created. This was incredibly time-consuming and a waste of valuable IT teams’ time.  

Watch the latest Tech Insider Update Power BI & Power Apps Video as of Q3 2021:


This is part of why the creation of the Microsoft Power Platform is so exciting. The platform democratizes data, enabling all employees—regardless of their technical skill—to access valuable business data and gather critical insights. The simplicity of the solution allows for easy data manipulation, modeling, and reporting, something that was previously impossible for the average worker. 

To further streamline and simplify the platform, Microsoft has released new updates to Power Apps and Power BI. These updates were announced in Fall 2021 and a brief summary of each can be found below. 


New Power BI Capabilities 

  • Rest API Support for Datasets: To gain further insight into business data, users can now include data from other Power BI datasets. 
  • Streamlined Dataflow Connector: Previously, the tool was slow to validate data flows and save users’ work. The update resolved many of these issues and the tool now has a faster runtime.  
  • New Data Modeling Features: The ‘New Model’ view is now generally available within Power BI Data model. Additionally, Dataflows now have DirectQuery Support.
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities: The ‘Small Multiples’ view is now GA; users can also access and utilize paginated report visuals. 


New Power Apps Capabilities 

The following updates are now in public preview within Power Apps:  

  • Natural Language Capabilities: Developers who are creating Canvas Apps can now use natural language when programming Power Fx formulas. Microsoft returns code suggestions based on users’ input which can then be inputted into the app’s programming. 
  • Modern Capabilities in Model-Driven App Designer: Power Apps previously featured Classic Designer. It was here developers built site maps, forms, dashboards, entities, and more. However, changes could only be viewed by saving work and running the app in another window.  


Now, changes are viewed in real-time from one window, and users can navigate and use the app as if it were currently live. This eliminates the need to navigate between multiple windows and streamlines the application development process. 

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