Increase Microsoft Power App’s Performance & Reliability with Solution Checker

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Sometimes the need to meet the project deadlines can get better of you and you might want to run the quality check next time. You wanted was a swift way to check for reliability and performance issue. That was a problem a year ago. Now, with the introduction of the Solutions Checker, you can inspect your code against a set of best practice development rules specific to customizing and extending the CDS for Apps platform. You can get an access to rich detailed reports listing issues identified, severity, locations, and sometimes the line code, with linkage to detailed prescriptive direction on how to fix the problem.

Sometimes design patterns can impact performance and reliability in your Dynamics 365 solutions. Microsoft has recently released a solution checker to help identify patterns in your common data service solutions that negatively impact performance and reliability.

It works on all online versions from V-9.0 for Unmanaged solution for components like a plugin, web resources, custom workflow activities and provides guidelines and recommendations around the issues found. An unmanaged solution, we know is the one that is still under development or isn’t intended to be distributed. When the unmanaged solution is complete and gets distributed, exported and packaged, it is termed as managed solution.

Running check on the solution

Before you needed to install the PowerApps checker in your environment to do a Solution Check but now it’s automatically downloaded. Here are the steps on how to run a check on the solutions.

  1. Sign in to PowerApps.
  2. In the left pane select Solutions.
  3. Next to the unmanaged solution that you want to analyze, select …, point to Solution checker, and then select Run.

Microsoft Power App’s - AhaApps

  1. The status pane located in the upper right of the Solutions page displays Solution checker running. Note the following.
    • The Solution checker can take a few minutes to complete the analysis.
    • During this time, you will notice a Running… state in the Solution check column of the Solution list.
    • You will receive an email notification and a notification in the Notifications area of the PowerApps site when the check is complete.
  1. You don’t need to stay on that page or go and check frequently whether the check is complete or not.

Viewing results on-line

You can now easily view the results of the check directly online without having to download the results. You can group the result by Issue, Location or Severity. Filter and search on various fields and see the recommended fixes and locations of issues identified.


Microsoft Solution Checker - AhaApps

Solution Checker results

It provides detailed reports listing issues identified, the severity, location and in some cases the line of code to improve. The result set also includes detailed prescriptive guidance on how to resolve or improve the issues.


Increase Microsoft Power App’s Performance - AhaApps


We are checking and actively resolving issues with the Solution Checker and as such performance has increased 10 – 15% on the Form loads.

So, start checking your solutions today and see what you can find and improve your application’s performance and reliability.

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