Microsoft Dynamics 365 Provides Insurance Brokers Big Benefits

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I think we can all agree that the advantages of using customer relationship management software are numerous and widely acknowledged. However, what is not so openly talked about is that selecting the right system can be a source of frustration for many insurance agencies and brokers.

  • Off-the-shelf software doesn’t provide all the functionality an insurance agency needs to run their business.
  • Many software packages on the market geared toward insurance brokers can be expensive and rigid, meaning that any flexibility they have to configure for their specific agency is negligible, if it even exists.

It is critical for an agency to invest in a platform that is adaptable to its business, one that will grow with it for years to come.

Here are some big benefits we see being realized by Insurance Brokers using the right CRM system:

  • Centralized Client View – producers and client service representatives have access to complete client profiles, with interaction history, policies, and services provided across the agency, increasing employee productivity through better information management.
  • Policy Management – brokers can quickly view policy information from a global or client perspective with intuitive drill-down capabilities into rates and plan data information. Pre-built workflows automate policy renewals and ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Client Management – easy to use workflows track any service time spent with each client, and stewardship reporting summarizes all the services an agency has provided to each client over the course of each year.
  • Commission Tracking – users can easily manage incoming carrier commissions and outgoing producer commission schedules in one system. Robust commission tracking allows for a variety of incoming commission schedules and outgoing producer splits.  Automated importing of monthly commission statements provides quick and accurate reconciliation of incoming and outgoing commission payments.

A CRM system tailor made for employee benefit brokers

Crowe has helped many insurance brokers work more efficiently and maintain their competitive edge by providing business applications that go much further than solving problems; they also inspire brokers by increasing their productivity and client engagement.

We offer a highly flexible, cutting-edge solution tailor made for employee benefits brokers. Its interface is broadly based on Microsoft Office, so users find it familiar, easy to use, and require little training. By leveraging the extensive power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, this integrated agency management system for benefits brokers provides clear, linked visibility across an agency’s sales, marketing, and support functions.

BenefitsBridge, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a flexible CRM for insurance agency management.

Watch the BenefitsBridge solution overview video.

What big benefits could your agency realize if you had the right CRM software?

Let’s start the conversation. Contact the insurance industry team at Crowe.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe LLP,

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