How to manage Updates in Dynamics 365: Update Releases and early access

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This article provides you the information on how to manage updates in Dynamics 365 online especially how to get early access to new updates.

So, if you want to manage anything related to your environment you need to go to the Admin Portal. Here is the link for it

If you have access to the Admin Portal for your organization go to the link mentioned and log in using your credentials. Once you login you will see the screen similar to the screenshot advised below.

Dynamics 365 updates - AhaApps

You need to go to the “Environments” tab and you will be able to see all the environments listed.

Select the environment you need to update and open it. You will get to see the screen similar to the screenshot below.

How to manage Updates in Dynamics 365 - AhaApps


Now, if you look closely at the above screenshot you will see Manage is highlighted. Click on Manage and you will get the latest release and the “Update now” button will appear. Once you click that button it will ask you for confirmation. Then you need to enter the environment name and need to click on confirm to proceed to update.

It takes a bit of time for the update to be completed. During this period the performance may get impacted. The progress of the update will be shown on the same screen and will reflect the “2020 release wave 2” banner.

I will recommend previewing the features of releases in one of your sandbox environments.

Ensure that you create a copy of current production to the sandbox which you are using. You can report bugs related to early access features through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support.

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