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Canvas Apps with its ease of use and requirement of only low-level coding, is one of the easiest ways to build apps. You can just drag, drop, and move components on a blank canvas and get creative with the design. We have been releasing a series of collection of blogs on topics like Custom APIs, PCFs, etc., where we link some of the best blogs from Inogic on Canvas Apps. Continuing the successful series of tips and tricks on Canvas Apps, we will in this blog talking about using text recognizer in canvas app, using Receipt Processor AI builder, and using 3D View to enhance user experience in Canvas apps.

1. How to use Text Recognizer in Canvas App

AI Builder, Microsoft’s low code artificial intelligence platform, comes with amazing features that can be integrated in Power Platforms. In this blog, we have given a step-by-step guide to integrate Microsoft’s AI builder Text Recognizer in Canvas App using an example. We have used the scenario where a person wants to send daily notes to all the students according to the class. He will open the Canvas App, upload the images (notes) in text recognizer control, select the class from the list and click on the ‘Send Email’ button. The notes will be sent to all the students of the selected class. Hop on to the blog and learn how to get text from images by using Text Recognizer control in Canvas App.

2. How to use Receipt Processor AI Builder in Canvas App

Another example where we have used Text Recognizer in Canvas App. Here, we have explored Receipt Processor using a use case where a restaurant owner has to enter all the receipt data manually in Dynamics 365 CRM. To overcome this tedious manual task, he can use the quick and automatic Receipt Processor feature of Microsoft AI builder. All he needs to do is scan the receipt and the receipt data will be automatically filled into the CRM. To know how we implemented this in a canvas app, follow the step-by-step guide in the blog.

3. Use of 3D View in Canvas Apps to enhance user experience

Canvas apps give a lot of creative freedom to the developers which further helps them to make the app not only easy to use but also visually pleasing. Here, we wanted to create a mobile app using Canvas app where we can show the product information. But we wanted to show the product information not in text format but in 3D images to make the app more appealing. In this blog, we have shown how this can be achieved by using the option called ‘View in 3D’ in Canvas app.

Inogic has been contributing to the community with blogs and articles on Inogic Blogs. Keep checking out for more such tips and tricks. Check out our other tips and tricks on PCF in Dynamics 365 CRM, Custom APIs in Power Automate and Workflows, and more.

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