Using Custom API in Microsoft Flow aka Power Automate Flow

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Custom API

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Recently, we had released a blog on ‘How to use Custom APIs in Workflows’ and it was an instant hit. We talked about how we can create a custom API that can be triggered in Dynamics 365 CRM workflow. But we all know that Microsoft is moving towards Power Automate, also known as Microsoft Flow. Classic Workflows are only limited to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM applications but that is not the case with Power Automate. Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft flow spans across multiple applications and web-based services like thereby having an edge over classic workflows. Also, Microsoft has been releasing new updates in Power Automate every now and then. Keep checking Inogic blog to know more about Power Automate.

So, on request by one of our dear readers, we decided to create a blog where we will be showing step by step guide to use Custom API in Power Automate Flow.

Use of Custom API in Power Automate Flow

In this blog, we have used the same example we used in our previous blog.  We have step by step with the help of images, shown how to use Custom API in Power Automate Flow. Whenever an Account record will be created, a phone call activity associated to that particular account will also get created with the due date set as the next day. This can also be seen in the Timeline section.

To get a basic introduction on Custom APIs, refer to our ‘Guide on using Custom APIs’. We have explored the difference between Custom Actions and Custom APIs, explored different parameter types and created custom functions using Custom APIs in Dynamics 365 CRM. We have also created guides on ‘How to work with PCF Control in Dynamics 365 CRM’ and also on ‘Tips and Tricks on Canvas Power Apps’.

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