New feature of Kanban Board - Sort Dynamics 365 CRM records at global level in your Kanban View!

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Already a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource, Kanban Board is a smart visualization app which enables Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse (Power Apps) users to visualize and analyze CRM data in Kanban View instead of normal grid view. This gives them a new perspective to analyze and interpret CRM data which undoubtedly enhances their productivity.

And now with the introduction of the latest feature - Global Sorting – Kanban Board has made sorting & analyzing CRM data quicker and easier for our Dynamics 365 CRM friends.

So, what is Global Sorting?

This feature enables you to sort CRM records at global level in any given view. Initially, sorting records were limited to a particular lane in Kanban view. So, if there are 5 lanes in your Kanban View, then you will have to sort each of these 5 lanes separately. But now with the inclusion of this feature, you can sort the cards (records) at global level in ascending or descending order based on field selected, such as Budget Amount, Created On, Status, Topic, etc. Moreover, the cards (records) can also be sorted based on the fields used in both Kanban view and Grid view.

Kanban Board Global sorting

At first, it may not sound interesting, but this feature is quite handy for finding right information at right time in your CRM. For example, let’s assume that you want to sort more than 5000 records in your CRM based on ‘Created On’ date. Without this feature, it will take quite some time for you to sort all the records and get the information you want. But now, with just a few clicks all the records will be sorted and available for your ready analysis. Without a doubt, this will save quite a bit of your time and effort.

So, don’t waste any more time waiting around. Go to our website right now and download a free trial of Kanban Board to get a first-hand experience of this amazing feature.

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Until then – Be Safe, Be Sorted!

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