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manage Alerts & Notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM

Alerts4Dynamics  is a productivity app for creating, scheduling and managing alerts and notifications for different entities in Dynamics 365 CRM. Being a preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, most of you will be well acquainted with this popular alert management app from Inogic. But for those of you who are yet to know about this amazing app, let’s have a look at the following scenario and find out what this app can do for you.

Suppose you are a sales manager in SmartChaps company and you want to be notified immediately whenever an opportunity is won by your sales team. But even if it is a small task of keeping you updated on your team’s progress, you may find that there is always some kind of delay due to workload, procrastination, miscommunication, etc. You never get the information at the right time as you wanted. This may hamper your work efficiency. But if you are to have an alerts & notification system within your CRM then things would be much easier! And this is where Alerts4Dynamics comes in.  In our earlier posts, we have given a brief insight about different types of alerts – Record-Based Alerts and Rule-Based Alerts. In this post, you will be acquainted with yet another type of alert – Event-Based Alerts.

With Alerts4Dynamics, you can create a workflow for Event-based alerts which will be triggered on the occurrence of an event. And here the event can be winning an opportunity. So, whenever the status of any record in Opportunity entity is changed to ‘won’, the workflow will be triggered and a notification will be automatically sent to you through pop-up, form notification or email.

manage Alerts & Notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM

manage Alerts & Notifications within Dynamics 365 CRM

Now you can easily get the right information at the right time using Alert4Dynamics. It also involves less time and effort to keep yourself updated about the team’s progress which will remarkably improve your work efficiency.

And this was just a sneak peek of what Alerts4Dynamics can do for you. Put it to its optimum use and you can have an efficient and effective alert system within Dynamics 365 CRM.

So, don’t wait! Grab this opportunity to learn more about this amazing notification app by downloading it from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a free trial period of 15 days.

And feel free to book a personal demo or share your findings at

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