Financial Services Firms Are Using the Microsoft Power Platform for Rapid App Development and Accelerated Results

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Over the past year, we’ve faced extraordinary events that have forced us to change the way we do business in fundamental ways. We had to learn to work remotely and so much more. Thankfully, technology and imagination were able to assist with these changes. As an IT leader in your firm, your long and challenging “to-do” list grew even longer, added to it was the  pressure of getting things done quicker. In addition, t you’re constantly being challenged with finding ways to deliver value to your business faster than ever before.Microsoft Power Platform

Although technology does deliver, it’s often not been able to deliver fast enough. You’re working with existing systems that require significant customization to create applications and provide solutions. Or you are faced with purchasing more software–which will also likely require some customizing. When all is said and done, you might still find that there are gaps in the technology supporting your processes.

What if  the pace at which you are delivering applications, providing solutions, driving results, and increasing business value with the legacy apps you already own could be accelerated? When traditional approaches of  customizing off-the-shelf software that’s already in place or spending  money and time building custom applications just won’t do or aren’t in the budget, you can depend on the Microsoft Power Platform.

The Microsoft Power Platform: Low-code, rapid application development tools you can depend on to get your Salesforce or Dynamics 365 initiative deployed and running faster

Smart firms are quickly and easily addressing those issues by using Microsoft Power Platform, a low-code, rapid development environment,  and checking off that to-do list by building apps, automating workflows, and extending existing solutions, like Salesforce and Dynamics 365, y already in use.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not.  With solutions that can be built in days or even hours rather than weeks, months, or years, the Power Platform is taking the business technology world by storm.  They are addressing challenges both simple and complex.

What’s even better? There’s no need to replace, change or even touch your existing applications or systems; the Power Platform was built to work with and around what you currently have in place. For example, HSO financial services clients have put the Power Platform into action:

Automated Client Reporting from Salesforce: The asset management branch of a life insurance company risked possible penalties and huge investor loss and needed a solution, but replacing Salesforce was not an option they preferred. Using the Power Platform, HSO delivered a Salesforce “surround” solution that streamlined the process, resulting in empowered, satisfied employees who can concentrate on delivering a white-glove client experience.

Client Engagement Hub - Next Best Action in Dynamics 365 Sales: A firm with the objective of doubling sales growth was being restricted by a system with a poor user interface, lacking personas, and offering no insights to help with next best actions. In just THREE MONTHS, HSO designed and rolled out a client engagement hub with next best action integrated with Dynamics 365 CRM and Marketo—all using the Power Platform.

Mobile Trade Approval App Integrated with Salesforce: An investment firm’s portfolio managers were flooded with emails asking for trade approvals and needed a fool-proof way to approve or reject trades from any device. In a one-day workshop, HSO designed, built, and delivered a Power Platform solution that that integrates with Salesforce and allows managers to approve trades from their mobile phones with one click.

Want to learn more? HSO’s financial services experts demonstrate the power behind the Power Platform in Rapid Apps, Accelerated Results for Financial Services Firms Using Salesforce or Dynamics 365, an on-demand webcast where you’ll see:

  • What the Microsoft Power Platform includes and why it’s a better value with your existing system
  • Typical problems the Power Platform resolves and how other firms are benefiting
  • Real life examples and success stories of how other financial services firms are using the Power Platform


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