Employee Benefits Brokers: What You Should Expect From a CRM Solution

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Are you an employee benefits broker? Are you fed up with generic CRM systems and wish you could find one designed for your specialized needs?

The good news is that even with so many CRM solutions on the market, with the right parameters in mind, you can find one custom fit to your industry and even your individual office.

Employee benefits brokers need a CRM solution flexible enough to handle the policies and processes most appropriate to their clients. When evaluating CRM solutions, what should you take into account? Consider these four recommendations:

  1. Choose a CRM solution that is easy and familiar to use.

Insurance brokers are more likely to benefit from a CRM solution that integrates with the productivity tools they already use, like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook. There isn’t a separate login to remember and a lot less re-typing of information. Tracking email communication against a client’s CRM record gives the agency a window into all communication everyone in the agency is having.

  1. Choose a CRM system built on a flexible rather than a rigid platform.

Industry-specific processes are not always the same as the processes that you have crafted for your office. A rigid CRM that won’t accommodate how your teams work will be disappointing and frustrating for everyone. Yes, you can ask your users to modify their processes to make a rigid CRM system work, but choosing a flexible platform will be easier and encourage full user adoption. Look for a CRM system adapted to your industry and flexible enough to modify to your office’s methods and terminology. Don’t be lured into a CRM system that has too many bells and whistles. Focus on the solution that meets your organization’s needs, but more importantly, one that is adaptable and easy to use.

  1. Choose a software platform from an established company, one that will be there to support you as long as you have the software.

It takes time for software companies to establish a reputation and a following. Many newer companies just don’t last. Over time, your software will contain critical information that you can’t afford to be cut off from. And you don’t want a CRM solution that phases out and becomes obsolete after a couple of years.  You need technology, service, and support you can count on. A well-established technology company, such as Microsoft,  offers reliability, dependability, and ongoing support.

  1. Choose a technology partner experienced with the software platform and your industry

Determining the best software for your needs is vital.  Equally important is choosing a software implementation partner who can understand and address your business’s specific requirements. And be sure to ask about training and service. Success with CRM depends on having both powerful software tools and a dependable implementation provider.

Why choose Crowe and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Crowe is one of the largest public accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the United States. We have been implementing CRM technology since the inception of contact management applications. Our CRM team knows the technology and its capabilities and understands the needs of your industry. For our benefits broker clients, we developed Crowe BenefitsBridge.

Crowe BenefitsBridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Crowe BenefitsBridge is a highly flexible agency-management solution customized for the benefits broker industry. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Crowe BenefitsBridge is designed to help employee benefits brokers manage clients, insurance carriers, policies, plan rates, renewals, commissions, and leads. Because its interface is broadly based on Microsoft Office software, Crowe BenefitsBridge is familiar, user-friendly, and requires minimal training.

At Crowe, we believe that businesses maintain their competitive edge by providing employees with software tools that can help boost internal efficiency, increase productivity, and facilitate exceptional client service.

Overview Video: Crowe BenefitsBridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Would you like to know more about what Crowe BenefitsBridge for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can do for your organization?  Contact our experts at Crowe.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe LLP, www.crowecrm.com

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