Use Custom APIs in workflows in Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse

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Microsoft has been dropping new updates every now and then and Microsoft Docs can help you in following up with all these updates. Not a while ago Microsoft had announced Custom APIs. Using Custom APIs, you can create your own APIs in Dataverse. In our quest to keep you informed with whatever is happening in the Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps community, we created a guide on How to Use Custom APIs. We created this guide so that you can find all the Custom API content from Inogic Blogs at one place.

In this detailed guide on Custom APIs, we talked about creating Custom Messages in Dynamics 365 CRM. We talked about some of the advanced capabilities of Custom API like PrivateCusotm API, API Type and Code First Approach and also explained the basic difference between Custom APIs and the traditional Custom Actions. We learned how to create a Custom API and register a plugin on it in our introductory blog. We went on to learn about the different data types available for Custom API in our next blog. Next, we learned how to create Custom Functions using Custom API in Dynamics 365 CRM. So, lets go to our latest blog on Custom APIs.

How to use a custom API as a step in Dynamics 365 CRM Workflows

In this blog, we have come up with a way to use Custom APIs in workflows. We will give a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this with the help of an example. We will be creating a custom API that will be used in a workflow triggered when a new Account record will be created. When the workflow gets triggered, it will call the Custom API that we created which will then create a Phone Call activity associated with the same account with the due date as the next day. With help of our detailed steps along with images of the same, you will be able to use Custom APIs in workflows.

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