Ticket sales management with Dynamics 365 in the Sports Industry

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So, how do you prospect? Pulling names out of lists on your laptop? Repeatedly calling past accounts? Customer prospecting is tough for any industry but is a special challenge for professional sports teams trying to sell more tickets.

Of late a lot of professional sport’s teams are going in for Dynamics CRM. They are already integrating third-party software with Dynamics CRM to increase corporate and season ticket sales. The teams want to ensure that their prospective individual customers/fans can pay for season tickets, and Dynamics CRM very prudently manages to inform them about these details.

Salespeople can upload lists of new leads into the integrated solution, which then processes and scores those leads and returns the results in Dynamics CRM. Your sales team must have access to the information they need to be as fast and effective as possible. Dynamics CRM solution positions them to deliver exceptional customer service.

Ticket sales management with Dynamics 365 in the sports industry - AhaApps


The integrated Dynamics CRM and your existing solution provide a robust sales tool allowing your sales team to manage ticket sales in one platform. It synchronizes the data for you to access any piece of information that you need about ticket sales, customer’s purchase history, attendance, and so on.

With Dynamics CRM your team can-

  • Execute and track marketing and nurture campaigns that lead to sales engagement
  • Easily track sales engagement and conversions
  • Organize season ticket holder contracts
  • View the attendance tracking data to monitor retention
  • Handle any customer service issue and manage it effectively
  • For consistent loyalty, renewing tickets through a personal profile
  • The customers can manage their profile and preferences online
  • Distribute pregame/preseason exclusive offers

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides complete ticket sales and customer management along with a host of other features, while also removing the need for buying hardware and dealing with the physical maintenance of the application. It also provides a best practices platform for the sales forecasting/contracting process for ticket sales, group and suite sales, and corporate sponsorship.

The tool has reduced the time and manual process required to develop, distribute, and monitor ticket sales campaigns, enabling the sports teams to focus on increasing revenues through targeted customer engagement.

AhaApps’ implementation methodology helps customers in the sports industry to achieve a rapid and steady return on their software investment by going live quickly, with a CRM solution that is precisely configured according to their requirements, strategy, and process. If you want to know how we have helped our other clients in the sports industry with Dynamics CRM, then let’s talk.

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