Infographics: Learn How Huge the IT System Integration Costs Are Worldwide

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 Infographics: Learn How Huge the IT System Integration Costs Are Worldwide

In this day and age, it is not surprising that businesses around the world spend trillions of dollars on IT each year. But did you know a significant part of these expenses are system integration costs?

- System Integration Costs Worldwide -

Our research found that the average number of applications organizations use now varies between 22 for small businesses and 788 for large enterprises. That is a lot of software that needs to work together, making system integration one of the biggest challenges for IT departments and one of the biggest cost drivers.

3.69 trillion spent in IT per year


- The Software Integration Challenge -

When starting an IT systems integration you know you will have to deal with multiple software applications, probably running on multiple different platforms. As anyone who has been involved in such a project can confirm, that makes any “simple IT integration project” not simple at all.


- IT System Integration Using Custom Coding -



Time consuming

Hire or train a new team and then code everything from scratch




Training, coding, and debugging take up a lot of time and money




Outcome is uncertain and it is hard to calculate system integration costs upfront




Each application and each API work their own way


- The Middleware Integration Strategy -

Times when you had to do software integration manually are over. The arrival of middleware that can connect to multiple systems, such as Connect Bridge, made the integration projects much faster, straightforward and cheaper.

Connect Bridge works in a simple and modular way. It is suitable for any business with any budget and software integration requirements.

Want to see this middleware in action? Do you have some questions you would like answered?

We’re happy to arrange a quick web meeting to show you around. Plus, you can also try it with your own data for free.

Contact us for more info or book your live demo by e-mailing me at

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Ana Neto - Connecting SoftwareBy Ana Neto

Software engineer since 1997, she is now a technical advisor for Connecting Software.

Connecting Software is a producer of integration and synchronization software solutions since 2004.

We operate globally and we are also a proud “Top Member” and "Top Blogger" at CRMSoftwareBlog.



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