Infographic: Subscription and Recurring Billing Management app within Dynamics 365 – Why do you need it?

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This is a flourishing era for all subscription-based businesses. And it shouldn’t be a surprise if more than 50% of software revenue will be generated from subscription model in the coming years. So, it’s wise to establish a well-functioning support system for managing the workload of ever-increasing subscriptions. And to help you with this we have launched our latest Dynamics 365 CRM productivity app -  Subscription and Recurring Billing Management.

Check out the infographic to find out what this amazing app can do for you.


1. Manage Subscriptions

Now invest more time in building and enhancing customer relationships as managing subscriptions will be a piece of cake with this amazing app. With this new app you can -

  • Create Plans & Add-ons
  • Use multiple Pricing Models
  • Calculate charges on pro-rata basis

2. Streamline Recurring Billing

Recurring billing activities is now no longer your concern. This wonderful app is here to take the burden of generating Invoices/Orders, calculations, proration, discounts, credits, etc., off you. With this app you can -

  • Generate Invoices/Sales Orders
  • Send Payment Reminders
  • Calculate Delayed Charges
  • Calculate Partner Margin

3. Easy Revenue Analysis

Keeping tab on your subscription revenue and identifying pain areas in your business will now be much easier with this subscription & recurring billing app. Through its comprehensive dashboard reporting, you can -

  • Get insights on business health
  • Keep track of key SAAS metrics like MRR, ARR, Churn rate and more

4. Automate Tax Calculations

Keeping track of tax rates based on regions or products and calculating taxes is not your headache now. With this wonderful app you can now easily -

  • Calculate Taxes
  • Integrate with Avalara Avatax

This is just a brief glimpse of what Subscription and Recurring Billing Management can do for you.

Learn more about this newly launched app by downloading it from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a free trial of 15 days.

And feel free to contact us at for any queries related to automating subscriptions and recurring billing processes within Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Until then – Keep Subscribing!

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