Dynamics 365 Marketing: Picture the Possibilities

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Remember the Rolodex? Your company quickly moved on when newer technology became available. Perhaps it’s time to move on from your standalone CRM solution now that there is a better tool for marketing.

Are you running Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your primary business software? If so, Dynamics 365 Marketing integrates seamlessly with the other Microsoft functions you use every day.

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a fully integrated piece of the Dynamics 365 suite. It’s a powerful marketing automation tool with native business intelligence capability, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing application is designed to help you create, maintain, and make the most of all your business relationships. Understand your customers, personalize your communication, focus on your best leads.

The following features will supercharge your marketing efforts and help your company grow:

Understanding customer journeys

The journey begins when a customer discovers your business for the first time. Understanding how they got there is key to providing the care that will turn them into prospects and eventually loyal customers.

Understanding your customers also allows you to design marketing outreach that will appeal to them and keep them engaged with your company.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing module gives you a library of pre-designed templates to illustrate your customers’ journeys. The drag and drop editor allows you to customize templates or create an entirely unique journey. Then you can determine what kind of marketing approach you need for each next step.

Creating campaigns and custom channels

You’ll be more efficient when you map out how you have engaged customers and the potential for using those channels to attract more prospects. You’ll also ensure consistency by offering a single source for mapping customer journeys and developing your campaigns.

Dynamics 365 Marketing includes various standard channels that will be useful at specific points along the customer journey. For instance, you can create email campaigns, contact forms, and landing pages to be sent out when they will be most effective.

You can also create custom channels using the infrastructure available in Dynamics 365. For instance, you can schedule distribution through text messages (SMS) or contact through social media.

Managing events and webinars

Most marketing strategies include organizing and presenting events and webinars. The planning and execution of these can be highly labor-intensive. Each one must be planned, promoted, and executed. Attendees need to be registered, generated leads must be followed up, and the overall effectiveness of the event or campaign must be determined. The Dynamics 365 Marketing application saves a great deal of time and expense by automating many of these processes.

The event management features in Dynamics 365 Marketing guide all the steps of event planning, such as:

  • Registration and attendance tracking
  • Session tracking
  • Attendance verification for individual contacts
  • Event website publishing
  • Generating and analyzing customer surveys

Targeting Leads

It’s inefficient to chase every lead, regardless of its potential. It’s essential to target the right leads and turn them into customers. Automating the process of generating, qualifying, and nurturing leads is a crucial step for growing your business.

The Dynamics 365 Marketing module helps you streamline and increase the effectiveness of all lead management tasks.

  • Generate and nurture leads using customer journey definition and outreach
  • Qualify leads using flexible lead-scoring and prioritizing models
  • Evaluate success using various dynamic analytics tools
  • Import leads from LinkedIn using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your marketing efforts and improve results, Dynamics 365 Marketing is a tool worth considering. Automating your marketing tasks will free your team to take on more value-added projects that support the growth of your business.

At Datavail, we have thousands of projects under our belt as a Microsoft preferred Dynamics CRM partner. Our hands-on knowledge and extensive CRM skill sets will help you achieve your strategic goals.

If you’d like to know more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, contact our experts at Datavail.

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