How to resolve the issue with the display of Dynamics 365 organization

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We recently performed an update on our Dynamics 365 organization and once that was done, I encountered a very peculiar issue.

When I logged into the Dynamics 365 instance, I was greeted with a tab which looked like this:


The Organization loaded in the new window which popped up and in the tab on which it was supposed to come, a message which looked like above, came up.

This was an issue.

First of all, it was annoying that the Organization loaded in the new window. Secondly, if I tried to open a different section of the Dynamics 365 instance I was not able to.

For example, if I wanted to go to the Administration section of my Organization, I kept landing on the App Page.

To go to the Administration Page, first I have to click on Settings/Advanced Settings:



Once I click on that, I should be presented with the Administration Page mode. Instead, I was presented with the App Page.



Upon further research, I found an issue in the URL. The URL after entering the credentials looked like this:



The URL had an “isappmoderedirect=true” embedded in the URL. I tried changing the property to false and unfortunately, I couldn’t.

The Organization was opened in “Application Mode” because of this property in the URL.

What is Application Mode? – When this mode is enabled, model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 can be opened in a browser without menus, navigation, or toolbars. Hiding these parts of the browser causes model-driven apps in Dynamics 365 to appear like a separate application rather than a website.

That was the reason why the Organization kept opening up in a new window. To disable opening up in this mode, follow the following steps:



  • Click on Product.


  • In the dropdown which opened up, click on Behavior.
  • In the Behavior settings window, make sure the “Open in application mode” is set to off (Look at the below screenshot). Once that is done, click on Save.


  • After the changes, the Organization will open in regular mode.

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