Useful Tips and Tricks to get the Best of Canvas Power Apps – Part 2

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Useful Tips and Tricks to get the Best of Canvas Power Apps – Part 2

Last time we explored some useful tips and tricks to get the best of Canvas Power Apps. We are quite excited for the response we received and as suggested by our readers, we have come up with Part-2. Don’t miss out on reading our popular guides on Custom APIs and PCF Control.

Developing high productivity custom business applications has become easier using Power Apps with its rich drag and drop interface. With the help of Canvas Apps, users can connect to more than 200 data sources to work on web as well as on mobile. It’s ability to give creative freedom to the developer gives flexibility to arrange the user experience and interface the way user wants.

So let us see what Canvas App tips and tricks we have brought up for you from our Inogic Blogs.

Using Enhanced Delegation for CDS in Canvas App

Canvas Apps uses low code/no code approach for building applications in Microsoft Power Apps. While creating custom apps has become easier, users need to perform certain operations to make things easier for them. Before, there was a limit on the number of records (500 records) on which search operation can be performed. But how to proceed for n number of records? For this we will use different functions in the Canvas App. In this blog, we will show you how to perform various operations on all the records with the help of functions used in delegation.

Use of Print function in Canvas Apps

Inogic with its large clientele spread across the globe, get requirements for different development needs from our clients. Recently, we came across a requirement where we had to create a mobile app where the salesperson will be able to collect information on the needs of their customers. We used Canvas App for building the same. But what if the Salesperson wants to send the information collected to their customers? How can this be made possible? Here we used the print() function which allowed the salesperson to print/save the information as pdf and send to the customer. In this blog, we have shown how we achieved this.

How to Use DataSourceInfo in Canvas App

In one of our requirements, we needed to create a mobile app that can track leads for salesperson. With the help of Canvas App, we built a lead tracking information app with the help of which the salesperson can enter information to create leads in Dynamics 365 CRM. But manually entering leads is error prone and hence to help the salesperson in understanding what information should be entered, we used the ‘DataSourceInfo’ functionality of Canvas App thereby increasing the user experience of the salesperson. In this blog, we have shown a detailed step by step guide on the same.

Keep checking out our blog space for more such guides. We will come up with another guide and this time on your favourite PCF Controls. Stay tuned.

Inogic not only provides tips and tricks for Dynamics 365 CRM, Power Apps, Dataverse, Power Platform, Power BI, etc., but also offers a range of Microsoft AppSource preferred productivity apps such as Maps Dynamics 365 CRM integration app Maplytics, 1-click productivity apps, Visualization Apps, Document and Storage Management Apps, among others. We are soon to release a Mailchimp CRM Integration app where you can get unified view of sales and marketing activities associated with the contacts. Drop us a mail at to know more.

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