Sales and Marketing Alignment with Marketing Automation

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Want to improve the relationship between your sales and marketing teams? Your marketing automation platform and Microsoft Dynamics integration is a great place to start.

Sales and marketing alignment can be best facilitated with both teams are working with the same information. Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics CE, CRM, or Sales, you can leverage your sales data as part of your marketing automation strategy. The key, however, is how well your marketing automation platform can integrate to that data. Look for the following basics as you either evaluate your current marketing automation platform or consider a switch to a new one:

  • Does your marketing automation platform allow you to show/share marketing data (email engagement, landing page engagement, etc.) on specific records in Dynamics?
  • Can you sync both custom and standard fields from Microsoft Dynamics into your marketing automation platform? Can your marketing automation platform sync data back into Microsoft Dynamics?
  • How quickly does the marketing platform sync to Dynamics (under an hour should be your minimum requirement)?
  • Can you pick and choose which forms or landing pages create records in Microsoft Dynamics?
  • Can marketing campaigns function as Activities in Microsoft Dynamics?

Next, consider mapping your customer journey to see where and how you might want to create triggers, Marketing Lists, or sync data points to improve the customer journey experience. If you haven't mapped your customer journey before, you can use our step-by-step guide to Customer Journey Mapping with Microsoft Dynamics here.

Ready to get started with actual campaigns? Watch our quick video here for ideas on how to use triggers, activities, and views in both your marketing automation platform and Dynamics to ensure your sales team and your marketing team are working in close alignment with open leads and opportunities.


Using the emfluence Marketing Platform, you can:

  • Use contact score to pre-qualify marketing leads into sales qualified leads
  • Trigger sales conversations (and nurtures) in your marketing automation platform
  • Track success across both departments

Looking for a hybrid marketing automation platform that connects well to Dynamics? You can learn more about our integration to Microsoft Dynamics here.

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