Latest Kanban Board feature - View and Analyze Aggregate Field Values of Dynamics 365 CRM records in Kanban View!

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Kanban BoardA Microsoft Preferred App – is what you need when it comes to visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data in Kanban View. It is available as a control that you can configure for any View in Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse environment. The records will be now categorized and systematically arranged in compact movable cards in multiple lanes and rows which make it easy for you to review and analyze.

In addition to these existing features, we are now happy to introduce yet another exciting feature to Kanban Board known as - Aggregate Field Values.

So, let’s have a brief look at this latest feature of Kanban Board.

Aggregate Field Values:

With this feature, Kanban Board gives provision to calculate specific aggregate field values of records which can be then displayed on both Lane and Row headers. Here, you can define up to 3 fields which can be of numeric, decimal, floating point or currency datatype; such as Estimated Revenue, Budget Amount or Exchange Rate. And the aggregate value of these fields such as sum of estimated revenue of all records, maximum budget amount among the records, average exchange rate of the records will be displayed on each Lane and Row header. If the lane has 7 records then the total sum of Estimated Revenue for all 7 records will be displayed on top of the lane. In addition to this, you can pin the desired aggregate value of the records to a particular lane or row header as per your requirement.

Aggregate Field Values displayed on Lane Header

Kanban Board feature

Aggregate Field Values displayed on Row Header

Kanban Board feature

As illustrated in the above screenshots, with the ready availability of aggregate field values at your fingertips, keeping track of sales conversion data in CRM becomes a piece of cake. You can now say goodbye to all those manual calculations that you needed to perform to get this insight about your day-to-day business activities.

Quite handy feature, isn’t it? Interested to know more?

Then grab this opportunity to download and explore this latest feature of Kanban Board from our website for a free trial of 15 days.

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