Why Today’s CRMs Don’t Work For Small Businesses

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How Simple Is Your Small Business CRM?

Swing SetIt should come as no surprise that some of today’s leading CRM systems (Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 to name 2) are designed and produced by massive Fortune 500 companies.  Now, what exactly does a Fortune 500 company or a multinational corporation know about your small business? Serious question. The fact of the matter is that they’ve designed a spaceship capable of taking the next group of astronauts to the moon, when all you really need is a see saw.

The Complications With Modern CRM Systems

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a powerful system and a widely popular choice amongst large businesses, doesn’t exactly appeal to the needs of small businesses. For example, you can’t set up a simple quote without first setting up a price list. And you can’t set up a price list without setting up a currency. As a small business owner, you’d likely be losing your mind when thinking about the concept of currency – especially because you likely only deal with a single currency. Not all businesses deal with multiple currencies, so why does Microsoft Dynamics 365 make every user go through the same process?

While this is just an example, it should serve as a clear indication that today’s CRMs simply don’t work for small businesses. Instead, it might be time to try something simpler, more down to earth, more personalized, and of course, more affordable.

The Secret of CRMPlus365

Here at P2 Automation, we believe that CRMPlus365 offers small businesses everything that they could ever ask for in a CRM system – because we design it based on what you ask for. As a fully customizable CRM system, CRMPlus365 offers small businesses a flexible system designed to work for you, not against you.

You see, CRMPlus365 avoids all of the sexiness and the bells and whistles that accompany the big name CRM systems because they just aren’t necessary for most small businesses. Instead, we focus on the core of what our clients actually need from their CRM system.

At the end of the day, small business owners simply want to get the job done. They want simplicity and ease of use, and CRMPlus365 provides just that. Like that seesaw we mentioned earlier, it’s simple, functional, and it’s fun to use.

Connect With Us Today

We know what today’s small business owners need out of their CRM system, and we’re here to deliver. At P2 Automation, we work with our clients to design and build their very own CRM system based on CRMPlus365. We integrate all of the right tools, features, and functions that your business needs to succeed – all without the hefty price tag that comes along with Dynamics 365.

Get in touch with us today and speak with a member from our team. We’d be happy to get started.

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