How Maplytics on Mobile is Assisting Field Reps using Dynamics 365 CRM in being Locationally Intelligent!

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Maplytics on mobile

In any sales business, Field reps are always on the go and need crucial business data available to them on their fingertips. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM mobile/tablet app can be a great companion for Field reps and sales professionals but they also need features like routing, geo-analytics, etc to further increase their productivity, networking and time management.

Maplytics visualizes Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps) data on a map and improves business processes and helps users engage with the right customers at the right time. It is a Microsoft AppSource Preferred geo-analytical mapping app that seamlessly integrates Maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and helps your sales rep and managers alike to juggle between routes, schedules and the most important customers in their territory.

In this blog, let us walk through some features of Maplytics on Mobile that helps Sales Reps in increasing their productivity when on field with the help of a use case.

Ron is a field rep and is now out on the field trip to provide services to his customers. With the help of Maplytics App, he will log in to Dynamics 365 CRM or Power Apps app in his handheld device and plot the route available on the Dashboard on his map assigned by his manager Sam. The route can be plotted from the Detail Map also.

Detail map also has multiple features which we will talk in brief here.

Proximity Search

With the help of this feature, Ron can search records around his current location. He can search records using either of the two proximity options - Distance and Time. Ron can also select the ‘Show travel distance’ to get the shortest travel distance from the current location to each of the records within the proximity. While performing radius search, Ron can choose the data source from which he wants to plot the records within the proximity. When selecting a view, they can select system views, dashboard views, marketing lists or even personalized views. He can also categorize the records using colour coded pushpins or also visualize only the required data among the multiple data plotted on the map.

Route Optimization

Ron has the ability of managing the route from the map itself by rearranging, deleting a waypoint or also add any of the plotted records in the route right from the map itself.

Ron with the help of Maplytics, can get the fastest and easiest way to reach his customers. He can plot routes by using various features like shortest time, shortest distance, optimized direction and also plot routes in a way that allows him to avoid highways, toll routes and traffic if needed.

After the route is finalized, Ron will redirect himself on Google Maps or Waze App for turn-by-turn navigation to meet the customers.

Meeting got cancelled? Spare time to utilize?

But what if one of the appointments gets cancelled? Ron will have spare time in his hands and so to utilize this spare time, he can use the feature ‘Along the Route search’.

All Ron has to do is click on tooltip to find the details, click on Schedule appointment to schedule the appointment and add this to his route!

With this feature, Ron can search for nearby customers along the route and utilize spare time.

This was when one of the clients cancelled their appointment. But what if the client changes the location of the meeting at the last moment?

For example, one of Ron’s client Laura has called and told that she wants to shift their meeting to the nearest coffee shop. But Ron is not familiar with the territory he is visiting. Point of search feature provides Ron a database of all the tagged locations. He can search for coffee shop, hotels, airports, museums, gas stations, etc. Now, Ron can find out the nearest Starbucks near the lead location and plan accordingly.

This feature makes sales reps smarter, avoids any delay in meeting and provides a good quality service to their clients. Ron can also update this in the route thereby letting manager know of the changes.

Check-in/Check-out Features

When Ron reaches at customer site, he clicks on the ‘Check-In’ to register his arrival. He then attends to the service request at the location and after completing the service request Ron clicks on the same button thereby checking out. He can add notes/attachments and also update the location of the check-in/check-out location if needed. This way Sam can keep track of Ron’s location and also keep tabs on the work that is done throughout the day, week and so on.

In this way, he fulfils service requests of the customers appointed to him by Sam and this is how Maplytics helps Field Reps while they are on field.

Maplytics is currently available in 7 different languages namely English by default, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and Arabic. Follow our Maplytics Blog to know more!

This is not it, there are much more benefits by having Maplytics on mobile. Explore them on our Maplytics Docs or visit our website or Microsoft AppSource for free trial. Please feel free to email on for a 1:1 demo on how your favourite Maps integration with Dynamics 365 CRM can make your Field reps Locationally Intelligent.

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