Embracing Microsoft Dynamics 365 In Nonprofits

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We are in the middle of a significant technology upheaval. Nonprofits need to emphasize empowering their volunteers, board members, and donors to achieve more with technology.

With technology pervading everything, from running and measuring the success of the events and programs organized it’s bringing with it unparalleled amounts of transformation.

Embracing The Dynamics 365 Technology In Nonprofits - AhaApps

A lot of nonprofit organizations still think several times before investing in a new form of technology. With the CRM market taking over almost every industry, the question that they are bound to ask themselves is, how well do we fit in?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a philanthropic edge to it and the solution is scalable, flexible, and can be custom-made to fit a nonprofit’s requirement

Not-for-profit organizations will need to cultivate skills and learn more agile methods of working internally and externally. With Dynamics 365, the operations will become technologically focused so that you and your team can concentrate more on striving towards your mission.

Embrace the change

Dynamics 365 will for sure accelerate the way you run your mission. And to be at par with this kind of technology means developing new skills, new procedures, new services, and altering the way you usually operate, collaborate, and execute your mission.

This interface provides out-of-the-box constituent relationship management functionality as well as customizations for donation and pledge management, basic membership management, volunteer tracking, campaign management, dashboard reports, and support for online payment solutions.

Be open to the change the tool is going to bring, and be prepared to embrace it.

Let data prevail

Being data-driven does not necessarily mean that as a nonprofit to be viable you need to shell out huge amounts of money.

Surprisingly, Dynamics 365 comes at an affordable licensing rate, and the method to collect and assess data for you becomes seamless. You have to buy the best tools in the world to collect and analyze the data.

You will be able to reduce overall time, resources, and yes, revenue by providing a consolidated database that facilitates contact and relationship management.

A whole new world

Dynamics 365 will open a doorway for you to run your nonprofit efficiently. We live in a world dominated by social media and every single thing has a chance of becoming a meme or a trend.

With such a magnificent tool, you need to formulate a social media strategy. Dynamics 365 can directly interface with various social media platforms, making it convenient for you to engage with high-level donors, volunteers, and of course your community.

Microsoft Social Engagement is a social media management app that aids users to plan, deliver and scrutinize social media campaigns, gain profound insights about contemporary trends, issues, that can help you. This service comes bundled with any of Dynamics 365’s CRM.

To conclude

Before starting your implementation journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365, try to create a checklist. Educate and train your members and talk about the benefits of this application.

Technology isn’t there to replace the hardworking people, but it exists to make your most mundane work slightly better so that you can focus well on your mission.

As a nonprofit, you need to understand that to be successful you have to invest in the processes, and more definitely, in your people. And to be successful, you also need to be aware that technology cannot and will not fix broken processes. While the implementation of Dynamics 365 might be the driver of change, it is the donors, sponsors, volunteers who are the integral parts of your nonprofit that must embrace these new strategies that it drives.

If you are still confused about implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, speak with us today and we will help you in this journey of transformation.

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