Dynamics 365 and Fundraising in Non-Profits

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In a nonprofit, every dollar counts and so does every second. Therefore, every action should result in either better service to the donors, or a rise in funds. These are not new challenges, but what is new is the level of technology existing to support all of these aims.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is helping nonprofits do more than just transform processes. It endeavors to deliver better levels of service, decrease internal costs, make better decisions, and increase the level of resources going directly to donors, sponsors.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM records all your interactions with beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and members in one place. This helps you gain a clear view of each contact from a single interface. Use it to capture each inquiry and support case, and profile each person to make sure that inbound call handlers are fully informed about prior communications and are empowered to constantly deliver personalized support.
  • This CRM helps you record any trait or detail that is germane to your supporter relationships such as membership status, donation history, recent purchases, service case history, communication preferences, and demographic detail.
  • With Dynamics 365 you can record each type of supporter income donations, membership, and merchandise orders. And this is what makes service all the more elevated.
  • Dynamics CRM helps nonprofits handle inquiries, questions, applications, complaints, and an assortment of other processes to make the whole experience as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.
  • You can’t deny the reduction in internal cost while using a single interface that improves service along with improvements in productivity by reducing duplication and manual processes.

Now, we know that without donors, working towards the mission objective will be difficult. And to get to them, it is important to organize fundraising events that can help fuel the ember of the nonprofit goal.

For nonprofits, fundraising can be both a blessing and an annoyance. While fundraising helps charities bring in new supporters, donors, and fans, it also never ends. However, there are quite a few good explanations as to why nonprofits must fundraise, beyond just keeping the doors open. Revenue is one of them.

When you are organizing a fundraising event ensure that all your donors are informed and are aware of the program. With Dynamics 365, you can send out campaign emails to the desired demographic easily.

This can help you raise grants for the cause that you are working for. Once your beneficiaries have attended the event, you can send out automated emails thanking them for their presence.  Get the small things right, and you’ve got a promoter for life.

Dynamics CRM can give you so many insights into your donor activity that you can start to build a more personalized web of communication that will have the desired effect.

For example, there may be a certain demographic which donates more frequently than any other, you can use this insight and find segments that donate more frequently, or at specific times of the year, and develop highly personalized communications approaches that deliver excellent and increased conversion rates.

It results in the reduction of the overheads, and donors receive a greater percentage of your fundraising activities. By joining processes and data to one single platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM diminishes operational expenses.

This method will help you approach targeted sections for urgent requests or gift campaigns, and your donors and prospective donors must know about your activities, programs, events, and what they are contributing towards.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects with marketing automation services to increase benefactor loyalty with timely, personalized messages that reverberate and increase the numbers of donors.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Quick Campaigns function, setting up an ad-hoc fundraising effort doesn’t have to be problematic or time-consuming. It will be a solid solution to your fundraising challenges.

Empowering your nonprofit with a system like Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows for positive insights into your mission in the mind of current and future supporters.

Because nonprofits rely heavily on fundraising from donors, sponsors, volunteers creating an easy and untroublesome experience for each one helps in the long run. You can also obtain insights into your fundraising health with donation reports that you can email to your board and a fundraising dashboard.

The list of benefits with Dynamics 365 is a long one. With its scalable, flexible, and tailormade features it can bring a huge change in the operations of a nonprofit.

Connect with us today and let us help you build a solution that makes it easy for you to engage with donors, manage memberships, plan and organize events, and create fundraising avenues more.

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