Crowe Banking Industry Expert Tom Grottke Shares Valuable Insights in Three-Part Interview Series

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The Crowe CRM team is dedicated to helping businesses streamline operations and improve performance, and in recent months we have put a special focus on CRM technology for the banking industry. I had the chance to sit down with Tom Grottke, my colleague here at Crowe, to help me gain greater insight into this sector and it felt like the right time to recap the highlights.

Tom Grottke has been helping banks reach greater efficiency for more than 34 years. In this series of interviews, he shares his valuable insights on banking industry challenges, success stories, and the role of technology in the modern bank.

Banking Industry Challenges - Interview with Banking Industry Expert Tom Grottke Part 1 

We start off the series by discussing some of the top challenges banks are facing today. From organizational strategy changes to digital transformation, Tom explains why banks struggle during times of change and the best way to navigate it.  He also expounds on three main reasons why banks facing challenges benefit from an outside perspective and the resources he and his team leverage to help banks become more efficient.

Banking Industry Success Stories - Interview with Banking Industry Expert Tom Grottke Part 2

In part two, Tom shares how he and his team successfully help companies deal with change. He relates multiple success stories, the challenges these banks faced, and how they reached success. He also shares his approach in helping clients deal with change, including the important role of careful communication.

Technology in the Banking Industry - Interview with Banking Industry Expert Tom Grottke Part 3 

In this third and final interview, I got Tom’s take on the role of technology in modern banks, including key ways that banks should be using technology to minimize errors, improve customer relations, and skyrocket efficiency.

He also shares his thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics 365, how it compares to SalesForce, as well as how the customizations created by the Crowe CRM team really take Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the next level in meeting the needs of the banking industry.

Crowe CRM for Banking

Crowe works with 1,800 financial services organizations across the country, including more than two-thirds of the top 100 U.S. banks. Here at Crowe CRM, we are dedicated to helping banks improve efficiency and reach greater success. And with our experienced team members like Tom Grottke, we are able to use the customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to improve the performance of our banking industry clients.

To learn more about Crowe CRM for Banking, contact us at +1 877 600 2253 or

by Ryan Plourde, Crowe LLP, 

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