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Are You Tired of Losing Deals to Your Competition?

Do You Have the Technology in Place to Win More Business?

 According to the 2020 State of Competitive Intelligence, a whopping 90% of businesses report that their industry has become more competitive in the last three years, with 48% saying it has become much more competitive. This trend is consistent with last year’s results and is reported similarly across all business sizes.

Navigating through today’s sales environment and staying on top of digital transformation strategies and trends is crucial for meeting growing customer needs and expectations. New technology is being updated and released at a rapid pace, and it is essential that your sales strategies and sales operations can take full advantage of it. However, adding technology to your sales process is not something that should be taken lightly.

So, how does CPQ help me close more deals now?

CPQ software is considered one of the hottest CRM technologies for the foreseeable future and is projected to grow at a 25% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through the remainder of this year.

Regardless of how you sell – with your direct sales team, through resellers, or B2B/B2C on the web, CPQ can deliver the scalability and flexibility needed to handle virtually any complex quote or order configuration requirement at a low total cost of ownership. The combination of CPQ working together with CRM and ERP platforms empowers sales reps to quickly configure complex product and service proposals with ease for virtually any industry.

Let’s take a look at the end-to-end benefits that CPQ software can help your sales team close deals faster:

  • Modernized platform with access to real-time data.
  • Enhanced data visibility and insights for more accurate planning, forecasting, and business decisions.
  • Reduce quote time, errors, and rework resulting in increased order accuracy and improved sales and margins.
  • An empowered sales force that works smarter and faster, is better able to meet sales and revenue
  • Shorter sales cycle and quote time increase win probability, create up-sell and cross-sell options, and improved margins to amplify revenue.
  • Improved forecast and planning reduce operational and material costs.
  • Elevated experience strengthens customer and dealer relationships and builds loyalty.

 CPQ and Microsoft – A Partnership Approach You Can Count On:

  • True-quote to manufacture with Dynamics Customer Engagement and Finance & Operations support.
  • Wide industry support.
  • Ability to handle complex product and price configurations.
  • Visual CPQ-see what you’re quoting in real-time.
  • Allow distributors, dealers, and customers to create configured quotes and orders with CPQ and the Dynamics portal.
  • Mobile reps can stay productive by creating a proposal at a customer site, increasing rates.
  • Eliminate quoting “silos” that allows everyone to say in Dynamics to create quotes/orders.
  • Streamline discount and engineering approvals/margins controls.
  • CPQ improves Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Engagement, Finance & Operations user adoption.
  • Creates stickiness for the entire Dynamics solution and sustained Dynamics customer satisfaction.
  • Highly competitive against competition.

“The speed and accuracy of Experlogix CPQ have given us a clear and strong advantage over our competition. Experlogix has been a real game-changer for ANCA.”

Jeff Hazeldine, CPQ Developer at ANCA

“Experlogix is the Dominant CPQ provider in the Microsoft ecosystem with hundreds of customers.”

Market Guide for Configure, Price, and Quote Application Suites

 The Great Differentiator:

  • Unparalleled Dynamics integration
  • Deep functional capabilities
  • One CPQ instance
  • Easy to implement and maintain
  • Extreme flexibility
  • Hundreds of references
  • The expertise of the people
  • Excellent product knowledge

Experlogix CPQ with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Experlogix is the premier provider of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology, specializing in fully integrated quote and order automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 worldwide.

Experlogix can help to accelerate the quoting and proposal generation process empowering sales reps to quickly configure complex product and service proposals with ease for virtually any industry, including IEM, professional services, heavy equipment, high tech, and more.

But don't just take our word for it. See and hear how Experlogix has transformed the sales process for companies just like yours!

We would love the opportunity to learn about you and your company. Schedule a "free evaluation with one of our dedicated sales reps today and let us show you how the power of Experlogix CPQ can help you Close Deals Faster, Increase Profits, Eliminate Errors, and Win More Business Over Your Competition!

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