Who Gets Credit When Bank Staff Rotates Branches During Pandemic?

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Who gets the credit when a customer walks into a bank branch and opens an account? The answer should be the person associated with that customer in the bank's CRM system.

Many banks have branches within the same geographical area. To the customer, they are all the same. They can walk into one branch on Monday and discuss their options. Then go to a different branch the following week to actually open the accounts.

When you have a good CRM system that connects all the branches, you eliminate the question of who gets credit for that new account. Putting it in CRM acts as a "claim" with a time stamp. Anyone else can look and see that the first branch put into the work to sell the product.

If a bank employee wants the bonus that comes along with giving a referral, they must follow the process and put it into CRM. No CRM record, no credit.

That is the scenario in a "perfect world." Of course, in 2020 we saw how fast that could change.

When banks had to change their policies during the pandemic during the past year, it was not so simple.

For example, the staff at one branch has to quarantine because they were exposed and the staff from another branch comes in to cover. Now Jane from Northport is working in the Southport office. While she is there, she uncovers an opportunity, makes the referral, and the investment business is closed.

Which branch gets credit for this new business?

Jane put the referral in the CRM system, so it's holding on to her home location of Northport. But the Northport branch shouldn't get the credit as she was sitting and working that day in the Southport office with a Southport customer.

In this case, if no rule was set up, it would be a question for management to decide.

Another scenario would be if a bank employee moves to another bank, quits, or retires. Their leads in CRM can be reassigned so somebody else in the department can continue working those leads so they don't fizzle out.

The right CRM system for banking follows the rules in place, but it also gives the flexibility to make changes when unexpected scenarios come up.

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By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

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