Protect Your Most Important Assets with Microsoft Data Loss Prevention Software

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CRM systems contain an enormous amount of data that’s invaluable to business processes and operations. Loss of that data can wreak havoc in multiple ways. However, the worst hackers—the ones that cause the most damage to your business—are rarely external ones. Employees, whether accidentally or maliciously, can send sensitive information out to unauthorized users, increasing data vulnerability. 


With the high risk to data, it’s crucial to have a potent data loss prevention (DLP) strategy that’s backed by smart, powerful tools. Microsoft 365 features a number of DLP tools designed to protect against both internal and external data threats. More details about the DLP features within Microsoft 365 as well as how sensitivity labels play a part in safeguarding data can be found below. 

Why Data Loss Prevention? 

Also known as data leak prevention software, DLP software is used to keep sensitive business data or information secure. A major component includes distribution control which prevents users from accidentally or purposely sending private information outside of the secure business network. DLP tools are controlled by a set of company rules and policies determined by business leaders and security teams. These rules specify who is allowed to view, change, or share confidential data and are designed to protect data and prevent internal leaks. 


Think of it this way: your data is like a new puppy. When you first bring it home, you have to teach it the rules of the house and ensure it stays within your fenced yard while outside. Even if you live in a safe area, there are a number of dangers lurking just outside the fence. 


The puppy represents your data—it’s constantly on the move and in need of training. The fence represents DLP software, the thing that keeps your data safe and keeps unauthorized users from getting in. 

DLP software never stops running. It’s always searching through data stored within Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, and other frequently used business platforms for anything that violates DLP policies. Should a violation occur, the software immediately stops the action and alerts the user via clear feedback why the action was prevented. 


For example, if an employee attempts to send an email that contains a company credit number to someone outside your corporate network, a DLP policy stopsd the email from going out. The sender would then be notified as to why the email was stopped. By sending this feedback, internal users are more informed about what information they can and can’t send which helps to further safeguard data. 


Maintain Control of Content with Microsoft’s Sensitivity Labels 

There are certain pieces of data that need more security than others. A detailed spreadsheet about quarterly revenue requires stricter security than your office’s cafeteria menu. Microsoft’s sensitivity labels enable you to specify how certain content within your network should be treated. Labels are applied directly to content’s metadata, so as content travels throughout your business, it remains protected.  

Using sensitivity labels, you can: 

  • Enforce protection settings for individual content or data such as watermarks or encryption. 
  • Keep content protected across Microsoft 365 platforms and applications, including third party apps. 
  • Control data access to ensure data is not misused or leaked. 


Going back to the dog analog above, sensitivity labels are the leash we use on dogs to keep them close. Some situations may require the dog be on a tighter leash and other circumstances may allow for more freedom. In terms of your data, depending on the content, some may warrant tighter restrictions and others less. 

Improve Your Data Loss Prevention Strategy with the Help of JourneyTEAM 

The more data you have in your system, the higher the risk. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to access and exploit sensitive company information which is why it’s so critical to have a strong DLP strategy in place. By implementing these figurative leashes and fences around confidential content, you prevent prohibited users from creating crippling data loss that can have long-lasting effects on your business.  


With Microsoft’s DLP tools and sensitivity labels, your content and data is kept completely secure without sacrificing accessibility. JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner, helps you customize these tools and labels to fill the specific security requirements of your business. To get started, contact JourneyTEAM today!  




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