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Subscriptions have become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Be it entertainment, news, online shopping or food delivery services – today, we have subscriptions for everything. And millions of people across the world use these services for personal or business purposes.

The scale of operation required to manage these subscriptions as the volume of business keeps on increasing is tremendous. Eventually, it becomes more and more strenuous to manage these subscriptions without help from a third party.

In such situations, you look for a solution that helps you to manage and automate the operational side of subscriptions and billing cycle right within Dynamics 365 CRM.

And this is why our upcoming Subscription and Recurring Billing Management productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM is perfect for you!

So, what is Subscription and Recurring Billing Management all about?

A robust platform for all subscription-based businesses, it helps to manage your subscribers, their preferences, product pricing, plans, add-ons, billing cycles, tax calculations and much more. And as you are aware that subscription management and recurring billing always go hand-in-hand, it is the apt solution to streamline all your subscriptions and recurring billing activities in your Dynamics 365 CRM.

Now, let’s have a brief glimpse of what this upcoming productivity app has to offer.

Manage Subscriptions

Now, you can manage n number of subscriptions in CRM for any billing cycle (annual, semi-annual, monthly, weekly) with ease. You can define and introduce multiple plans & add-ons with a variety of pricing models – Flat fee, Per Unit, Tiered, Volume or Stair-step. You can also send payment reminders for overdue invoices, calculate penalty for these delayed payments and ensure profit margin for your partners for the sales made through them. A great part of your time which was invested in such processes can now be utilized for managing and enhancing current customer relationships.

Manage Subscriptions, Automate Recurring Billing, Revenue Analytics

Streamline Recurring Billing Processes

Customers tend to upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscriptions as and when they require. Majority of the time these upgrades are done mid-way through their subscription cycles. Now, it is up to you to ensure that they are charged and billed accurately. Therefore, by automating the process of recurring billing, this billing app has taken over your burden of generating Invoices/Orders, calculations, proration, discounts, credits, etc. and highly reduced billing bottlenecks. This will enhance productivity and increase efficiency where billing is concerned.

Manage Subscriptions, Automate Recurring Billing, Revenue Analytics

Revenue Analytics

It is important to have insight on your business health. MRR, ARR, ARPU, Churn Rate, CLTV, etc. are some of the important metrics which helps you to gain this insight. With its comprehensive dashboard reporting, Subscription and Recurring Billing Management will help you to identify pains areas, take proactive actions to fine-tune your service offerings and maximize subscription revenue.

Manage Subscriptions, Automate Recurring Billing, Revenue Analytics

Automate Tax Calculations

Where taxes are concerned, accuracy is a must. Calculating tax for products and services based on countries or different regional tax rates is tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. But now you can eliminate manual calculations, increase accuracy and improve productivity by automating and managing tax calculations in Dynamics 365 CRM with Subscription and Recurring Billing Management. It also gives provision to integrate with AvaTax by Avalara for calculating taxes based on geography or region. By ensuring accuracy in tax calculations, you will solidify goodwill among your customers.

And this is just a brief glimpse of what Subscription and Recurring Billing Management can do for you.

There is more to come!

So, keep visiting us or mail us at to know more about this upcoming billing app for Dynamics 365 CRM.

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