Add The Knowledge Base Search Control To Form In Dynamics 365

I ran into a feature the other day that I thought would be worth writing a blog about. This feature has been around for a while, but I felt that it might be in existence without a lot of us noticing, and will definitely help a lot of us, so here it goes!

Why is the knowledge base search disabled in the form editor?

About Knowledge Base Search:

Setting up a comprehensive knowledge base is the key to increased customer satisfaction and improved productivity. A knowledge base is created to help the customer service reps (CSR) with solutions to the most common issues so that they can assist customers quickly.This decreases the time to help customers or simply put, shortens the waiting time for them.

If a knowledge base search control is added to a form, CSRs will find the search option through the knowledge base easily from the form itself.


As a Dynamics 365 Consultant, I can say that every developer or administrator of a Dynamics 365 solutionneeds to customize the form of an entity quite often. To customize the form, we use the form editor where we can add different components to the form like fields, sections, tabs, sub-grids, web resources, Iframes, and many more. You can see the default form editor layout in the below image.


Dynamics 365 account entity configuration

By default, the account entity configuration looks like in the below image.

Dynamics 365 insert tab for accounts main form

Let’s see below how the insert tab for the account’s main form looks like with the above configuration.

Dynamics 365 insert tab

The highlighted part in the above region is the button we use to add a knowledge base search in the form. And you can see it was disabled at the moment.

If you want to enable a knowledge base search to any entity, all you need to do is to check the small box with the name Knowledge management in that entity settings. In this example, let’s enable it for the Account entity. To do this, we need to open the solution which contains the Account entity or we can use the default solution and expand the ‘entities’ click on account. You will find the settings under Communication & Collaboration. I had enabled the feature and published the customizations. Please see the image below for reference.

Dynamics 365 enable knowledge base

Now let’s see how the insert tab of the form editor in the below image. The knowledge base search button is enabled and we can add it to the form now.

Dynamics 365 helps you adapt and innovate that can empower your small and mid-size business (SMB) to deliver operational excellence and delight every customer. If you wish to know more about this magnificent solution, then let’s talk.


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