Is Your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM More than You Need for Your Small Business?

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See SawDoes your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM seem too complicated and more than you need for your business? Perhaps some bells and whistles are never utilized. Maybe some functions are irrelevant to your needs. So how can you make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM without overwhelming your staff with more than they need?

We suggest two options for simplifying your CRM life.

Option 1: CRMPlus365

Choose CRMPlus365. CRMPlus365 is an affordable solution custom built for your business processes. You can have all of the functionality you need, and only what you will use, in a more manageable, user-friendly CRM. We will even assist you in transferring the licensing fees of Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you won’t have to spend more to have what you want.

Still, we know that some businesses want to remain with their current Dynamics 365/CRM solution for any number of reasons. Perhaps it is an executive decision. On the other hand, maybe the thought of repeating a painful implementation leaves your whole team reluctant to make any more changes.

We get that. But you still have another option.

Option 2: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Makeover

A makeover usually means added flash and sparkle, but it could also mean eliminating unnecessary extras and emphasizing the tools you need most.

Before determining how a makeover will benefit your organization, we would like to review your business process and how your team uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 every day. First, we would identify unused tools and, on the principle that sometimes “less is more,” leave you with a cleaner, easier, more straightforward CRM solution expressly tailored to the way you do business.

For instance, you don’t need to see a quoting button, an invoice button, or a project button if you have no use for those in your business. Likewise, there is no reason to have a follow-up prompt if your team doesn’t make follow-up calls.

Often, users don’t realize that they can have their screens set up to make their jobs easier. Some may reason that they paid for more than they need, so “just leave it there.”  Even your Dynamics 365 Partner is unlikely to remove features because they want you to feel you have purchased a robust, powerful system worth the cost.

In reality, all the extra functionality often adds confusion for your CRM users. As a result, training and user adoption are more difficult, and the risk of error increases.

Additional unused features mean you have more things that could malfunction.  As with an expensive car with all the latest gadgets, some of those fancy features you never even use could break down and throw the whole system into chaos.

Exactly what you need to run your business. Nothing more, nothing less.

You know your business, and we know CRM. Together we can determine precisely what CRM features your team needs and uses and what is superfluous. Our goal at P2 Automation is to make CRM fully functional yet simple enough so your team will use it with confidence.

Would you like to schedule a strategy session to review your current Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system and discuss ways it can work better for your business? Contact our experts at P2 Automation today.

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