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In these hectic times of pandemics, working from home, and being moved to an online centric work experience, it is understandable that learning new skills, and refreshing old ones, may have been lost as background noise. If you know what I am talking about – no need to fret, you have come to the right place!



The world may slow down, but not CRM!

In 2018, we released a 55 minute Back to Basics training video that covered the fundamentals of CRM Dynamics 365, and as of today, over 100,000 people have watched it. However, time changes and technology is always updating and optimizing in ways one may have never considered. This is in no way an issue but with changing technologies, the fundamentals change with it. If you are starting to worry about finding the time to keep up with the basics of CRM, stop right there – like I said we’ve got your back!

"Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers may be simple."

Dr. Seuss

Get Back to Basics in 2021

To ease the chaos of todays world (well at least one aspect of it), we have updated our back to basics for 2021. With a set agenda and simple video demonstration, it’s easy to learn how to access your apps and environments, optimize navigation, and relearn, or learn, basic terminology. Angelina Jacobs, our CRM Consulting Manager, will walk you through different environments, apps, hubs, dashboards, views and more to show you all you need to know. If you are still worrying about scheduling an hour to watch our training video – take a breath, relax, because this back to basics is a nice 20 minutes packed with all the good stuff.

Check out our Back to Basics 2021 update and stay tuned for more!

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