Maplytics New Features

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Maplytics New Features

What Is Maplytics?

Maplytics is a certified mapping and data visualization application for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Providing users with the ability to access mapping data in real time, manage territories and create optimized routes, Maplytics takes the standard map capabilities of Dynamics 365 to a whole new level. By using a seamless integration with Bing Maps, Maplytics truly simplifies locational intelligence. A few of Maplytics key features include Heat Map Visualization, Auto Scheduling, Radius Search, Route Optimization and Geocode data.

If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and want to capitalize on some amazing map functionality, Maplytics may be the perfect addition. Currently, Maplytics is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 8.2 and above both Online or On-Premises. Please visit the Maplytics Homepage to learn more about this great application. Keep reading for details on the new features in Maplytics software.

Auto Scheduling

Auto Scheduling is an extremely necessary tool for all managers who deal with multiple field agents on a daily basis. One of the most difficult aspects of a manager's job can be structuring and/or maintaining multiple schedules. With Maplytics Auto Scheduling feature, Dynamics users no longer have that issue. Auto Scheduling will first set pre-enabled routes while plotting the entire automated plan on the map. This provides both the manager and field agent with the optimum schedule for that particular time. With route schedules in place, managers can then set field agents with specific color codes to help track users while also taking advantage of the advanced preferences. This can automatically create future schedules for the field agent based on the history of previous data or pre-set information.

Auto Territory Creation

Having to manually divide territories is no more! With Auto Territory Creation, users can now simply set the number of territories they desire and Maplytics will do the rest. Maplytics automatically  distributes the data evenly across each new territory specified. Each territory will then be identified by the custom name and color that the territory owner will assign.

Draft Territories

Dynamics 365 users will no longer have to go through the process of creating a territory at one time. Maplytics has updated the functionality to include drafts of newly created territories. With no limits, users can continue creating multiple territories before ever having to solidify and deploy. This new feature can be extremely useful for any Dynamics users that works with territories on a daily basis.

Maplytics Pricing

As an additional application for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Maplytics offers the full functionality for $10 per user. Maplytics has also made it a requirement to have at least 5 users.

We’ve been working with Microsoft Dynamics since its inception, and we’re always finding innovative ways to implement the latest tools and help automate business processes.

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