Never let your device hold back your work – Unified Kanban views enables cross device compatibility for seamless visualization of your data within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps!

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Data visualizations have come a long way in recent years. The focus on creating visualization formats to quickly digest complex information has given rise to innovative visual solutions that make data organization and management look like a delight. One such powerful visual capability is offered by the Kanban Board which offers a Kanban View of your Dynamics 365 data as a custom control that can be attached to any view within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps.

For example, the Kanban View for your Cases can be categorized and visualized according to Case Status –In Progress, On Hold, Waiting for Details, and Researching, as shown below.

Unified Kanban views enables cross device compatibility for seamless data visualization

The above cases are categorized according to their status to give a compartmentalized view of your entire cases. This lane-based categorization allows for a clear picture of your current situation and allows you to plan your future resources accordingly.

While this visualization makes data organization much simpler, what happens when you are on the go? Does it mean you have to wait till you can find a big-screen desktop or laptop to access this feature? Absolutely not! If you are using Inogic’s Kanban Board, you have exclusive access to the cross-compatibility feature in the Kanban View.

The compatibility can be enabled from Controls > Kanban Board >Select web, phone, tablet.

1-Unified Kanban views enables cross device compatibility for seamless data visualization

Among the many advantages of a unified experience, below are the key benefits of cross-device compatibility:

Seamless switch between devices

Data organization and management is no longer constrained by screen sizes. Users can quickly switch from desktop or laptops to tablets or mobiles and have the ability to seamlessly visualize across devices and continue their work even if they have to switch devices.

Ease for drag and drop with touchscreen mobiles and tablets

The transition from a larger screen to a smaller screen without losing the ability to execute UI-based functionality like drag and drop. Use the touch interface to drag cards and easily switch the lanes of cards for a comfortable user experience.

Instant status updates

Make updates on the go. Users can keep the status of their data up to date no matter their location. Increased mobility allows for remote updates and a constant streamline of the workflow. This ensures that the current status of the work is constantly reflected on the board to ensure that the team does not stop unnecessarily.

These benefits are not the whole story, the full effect of the feature of Kanban Board and cross-compatibility can only be understood through experience. This is why Kanban Board can be tried for a 15 day free trial from our website as well as Microsoft AppSource. Want to understand better? You can even opt-in for a personalized demo by contacting us at to see it in action.

So until next time –stay safe, stay organized, stay distraction-free!

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