How to Create a Contact Us Form Using Customer Voice

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Customer Voice is the Survey tool from Microsoft that is included with your Dynamics 365 licenses. Previously known as Forms Pro, Customer Voice is Microsoft’s Premium version of the Forms application included with Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Recently a user posted a question of how to create a Contact us form that creates leads in Dynamics 365. There are many solutions out there including ClickDimensions and Dynamics Marketing or plugins to integrate Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 with Dynamics 365. But these all cost extra money and why shouldn’t there be a no additional cost option for creating leads?

I suggested that he look into Customer Voice as a solution, as I knew that you can embed a Customer Voice survey onto a website, but I had never actually tried this idea out. I decided to see what it would take. I looked for a solution, but couldn’t find one online – even at the amazing Megan Walkers site. So I decided to take it upon my self to see how much work it would take to create a lead from a Customer Voice contact form. You can see the results by clicking here.

My discovery led to a process that took major steps:

  1. Create a Contact us form in Customer Voice
  2. Embed the form in a webpage on my site
  3. Develop a Power Automate to convert the Customer Voice Survey Response to a Lead.

This methodology is not just limited to creating leads, it could create a contact record, a case or almost any record in Dynamics 365.

So lets get started!

Create the Contact Us form using Customer Voice

Step 1 is to create a form in Customer Voice – Login to Ensure that you are in the correct Dataverse environment. Navigate to All Projects – and select New Survey. Change the default name of your survey by selecting the three dots next to the survey name and give it a unique name. I chose “Contact Us Form” I added the usual form fields – First and Last Names, Company, Email Address, and How Can We Help you? You could add many more fields. They can be text fields, choices (single or multiple choice) and date fields. Make certain that any fields that you create have a related field on the lead record. If you need to create a custom field on your Lead record, reach out to your Dynamics 365 administrator.

Contact us form using Customer Voice










You will want to edit the post-survey message and also clear the values in the Footer.

Contact Us form using Customer Voice | enCloud9







Once these steps are completed, the next step is to obtain the embed code. Switch from the Design Tab to the Send tab and click on the Embed Code linkCopy the inline code to notepad or One Note, you will need this when we move to our next step.

Contact us form using Customer Voice | enCloud9


Embed the Customer Voice survey in a webpage

Embedding the form on a webpage is pretty straightforward. We use WordPress to create webpages, and I used a blank page to embed my form.

Once you have created a new page or opened the page that you want to add the form to, you will next need to embed the Customer Voice code. But first you will need to embed a small piece of code designed to render the form on the webpage. I found sample code here at Embed a survey in a webpage | Microsoft Docs. The code on the Microsoft Docs page needed a little tweaking to work correctly. I added the height parameter to ensure that the form displayed on the page at the proper length.

Switch your editor into Text mode and paste the below code:

<div id="surveyDiv" style="height: 800px;">

window.addEventListener('load', function () {
}, false);

Next copy and paste your survey embed code into your page. Make any other changes that you need to your page design and publish the webpage. You can go to your new webpage and test the form by filling it out.

To read more about creating a contact us form using Customer Voice, visit our blog.






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