Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks Integration – Keep your front and back office in sync!

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When it comes to managing customer data on a large scale, Dynamics 365 CRM is the best. Similarly, when it comes to finances, most of the small businesses prefer QuickBooks to organize their business accounting data.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could just integrate Dynamics 365 CRM & QuickBooks?

With such integration, you could get instant access to your customer accounting data such as current balance, payment status, purchase history, etc. right within your CRM. This would inadvertently save time and give more clarity about the ongoing business transactions.

Since there seems to be no native integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks; how will you achieve this?

This is where our bi-directional integration app – InoLink – comes in.

A preferred app on Microsoft AppSource – InoLink is a cloud-based productivity app that enables integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Intuit QuickBooks.

Imagine as a Sales Manager you have to take the decision regarding the payment terms set for a particular customer. Earlier, this customer had good credit standing but lately, it seems they are not making payments on time. But you cannot make swift decisions just based on this information. For this, you will have to closely examine the accounting history of this customer which would lead to several back and forth between accounts and the sales department. In the end, the entire process would become an ordeal for both departments. And just imagine the amount of time and effort that will be wasted if this situation is to be repeated several times!

But what if you can have all the accounting information of that customer in your Dynamics 365 CRM?

What if you don’t need to waste your time waiting for information?

This is possible with ‘InoLink’.

By using InoLink, you will get a 360-degree view of customer accounting information within your CRM as it synchronizes the transaction history and aging details from QuickBooks to CRM.

Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks integration

Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks integration

And that’s not all!

You will be able to sync one or more QuickBooks companies with a single instance of Dynamics 365 CRM, view customer recent transactions, top customers, and other information in Accounting Dashboards within Dynamics 365 CRM.

Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks integration

Also, it facilitates the processing of real-time data from Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks in a secure channel. In this way, you can easily avoid duplication of data between Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks.

Quite handy, isn’t it?

You can get all the necessary accounting information at one place – no more going back and forth between departments.

So, wait no more!

Explore more about this wonderful integration app from our website or Microsoft AppSource for a trial period of 15 days.

For any further information or personal demo, just mail us at crm@inogic.com

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