Dynamics 365 and HR Management in an SMB

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Like any other company, in a small and mid-sized business (SMB) the HR function plays a vital role. They need to efficiently manage every aspect of your personnel, and consistently identifying and attracting the most talented people on the market which is important for your company to grow.

Dynamics 365 and HR Management in an SMB - AhaApps

Now, the horizon of the HR department is more than just processing payroll and setting employee benefits or finding the right candidate. HR plays an essential role in developing an SMB’s strategy by enhancing employees’ perceptions throughout the workforce and providing a well-rounded experience for all.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR management, the entire people process is seamlessly integrated helping you manage your staff turnover, find great candidates and measure the performance of your employees.

It is a comprehensive solution for Human Resource Management based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Platform. It can be considered as a catalyst for your business to achieve human resource excellence.

Paperwork reduction:

It helps reduce paperwork by a ton. It is also accredited to remove the complexities of reporting, minimizing the risks around compliance risk by driving the right action, automating manual tasks. Consider this an efficiency booster for your team.

Elevating performance management:

Every manager wants to build a high-performing team, and with Dynamics 365 for HR management, they are empowered with the tools to measure that. You can track progress and accomplishments, and access real-time organizational data that help them identify issues and act where required and take immediate action to optimize team impact.

Working without data islands:

Data islands or silos are a thing of the past. All departments need to collaborate for meeting the organization’s goal. For example, sales commissions can first be calculated in the Dynamics Sales Application and then get processed in the HR Solution. Integration between departments is the key here.

Increase in retention:

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR Management, you can encourage your employees to proactively promote their careers with universal profiles that showcase their skill-sets, and a personalized portal that aligns their competencies with career aspirations and opportunities. Give every staff member the podium to showcase their skills and promote themselves within your company.

Recruitment made easy:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR Management has made it easy to manage every stage of the recruitment journey. From posting notifications of vacancies, talent hunts to interviews, assessments, and hiring, the process is seamless. It also enables the collaborative recruiting spirit by bringing the different sections of the HR team together around a shared goal of employing the best talent.

Personalize your solution:

Every business is different and so are the requirements. The solution is an intuitive and customizable application that you can configure to your preferences. You can change the layout, add or hide fields, customize it as per your requirement. And because it’s a scalable solution, it grows hand in hand with your business.

Make informed decisions:

You can optimize workforce costs, improve planning strategy, and drive more informed, quicker decisions with embedded analytics. You will be able to build cost-effective programs that you can track and analyze. You don’t have to rely on guesswork anymore.

Every SMB that we work with is unique, but they all have one common factor – they’re growing. With the growth there comes a whole list of additional tasks and responsibilities and most of it is banked on employing the right fit. Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM ecosystem has something for every vertical in your SMB.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 for HR management can help you build a better workforce for your organization. Let’s connect to know how you can benefit from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM expertise to build, create something better.

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