The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Online Versus On-Premise

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The Benefits of Dynamics 365 Online Versus On-Premise




Today, almost everything is in the cloud. And if your organization isn't yet, you may be missing out on enhanced security, cost savings and new features. Specifically, I'm talking about Dynamics 365 Online vs On-Premise. As you may know, Microsoft has long had an on-premise version of Dynamics 365 which definitely has had its benefits, from giving clients the freedom to choose their hosting platform to giving them more development flexibility, within the constraints of the application. And back when Microsoft introduced an online version for Dynamics 365 (previously called CRM), on-premise seemed to have the most benefits. However, a lot has changed since then and now, being on-premise vs online can be costly for an organization, not to mention you will miss out on a lot of cool stuff.

Top Benefits of Migrating to Dynamics 365 Online

  • Enhanced security and reliability
    • Your sensitive data is protected and stored in Microsoft owned state-of-the-art data centers
      • Did you know? Microsoft also provides compliance for the United States public sector, for government entities that qualify
    • Microsoft provides a 99.9 percent uptime service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Scalability and flexibility
    • Easily add new users with integration to Azure Active Directory
    • Easily add more storage with a few clicks
  • Free up your IT resources
    • Microsoft will manage the software and maintenance tasks for you, including deploying patches to fix bugs
      • No need for your IT team to maintain server updates, application updates, operating system updates, IIS updates, and the list goes on
    • Microsoft will automatically push upgraded versions, which include new features (many of which are NOT available on-premise)
    • Microsoft manages server backups, but an admin can easily create a backup of your data and customizations with just a few clicks
  • Easier to connect both your CRM and ERP data together
  • Access to pre-built apps in Microsoft's AppSource
    • Alternatively, your Microsoft partner can build a unique app using the Microsoft Power Platform and tailor it just for your business needs
  • Empower your organization with tools such as AI Builder which allows you to transform data to something more meaningful, including predictive analytics
  • A wider arrange of support options
    • With your online subscription, you have unlimited support to Microsoft resources
    • A growing community of other resources as more organizations turn to Dynamics 365 online

This isn't at all an exhaustive list, but are some of the top benefits that we think of when using Dynamics 365 Online vs On-Premise. Already on a Dynamics 365 On-premise environment? We have a long history of helping our various sized clients transition from on-premise to online. While there is a variable cost upfront to do this (for large organizations, we recommend a phased approach), the long term benefits will pay off in the end.  Additionally, as Microsoft invests more in Dynamics 365 Online vs On-Premise, we predict that someday they may sunset On-Premise.

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  1. One of the major differences between Dynamics CRM & 365 On-Premise vs Online is that some significant functionality is only available in the online model. Click here to learn more from us.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice article for dynamics 365. With the help of Dynamics 365 online you can increase your business to implement cloud, automation, power BI etc.

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