Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: Capitalize on Lead Scoring

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: Capitalize on Lead Scoring





In an organization, marketers generally deal with hundreds of leads a day. However, only a small percentage of these leads are worth qualifying for sales professionals. It becomes the marketers goal to pin point specific characteristics of the leads that meet the organizations requirements. Completing this with a manual process is not only strenuous on an organizations users, it can also leave room for errors and be quite time consuming. Luckily, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing now offers Lead Scoring to completely automate this process.

Create a Scoring Model for Focused Effort

With Lead Scoring, an organization can now properly identify which leads to truly focus on. Marketers can create multiple lead scoring models based of specific criteria that will provide each lead with a calculated score and grade. Each score will then be visible on the Lead Form for all users to access.

In order to set up lead scoring for your organization, you will first need to start by creating a new lead scoring model. Microsoft has simplified how to create lead scoring models by using the score designer. The score designer offers marketers a way to select condition and action tiles with a simple drag and drop method. Your model will begin to grow as you continue adding the necessary condition and action tiles. You can find more information on lead scoring models here.

Higher Grades Mean Better Leads

Once you have properly filled out your lead scoring model, you can begin the second step of adding grades. Grades are an ideal way to categorize all lead scores. Organizations have the ability to specify the grade names that best suit the organization. A few examples would be (Hot, Warm, Cold) or (A, B, C). Regardless of the name, grades offer marketers another way to identify leads between certain scores. However, the most important part of grades is the Sales Ready Score. When the Lead reaches the provided sales ready score, a workflow can be triggered to identify a sales person this lead is ready for the sales acceptance stage. For more information on how to create, view and manage lead scoring, please visit.

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