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Dynamics 365 Portals offer a multitude of ways to customize the look and feel of your Portal, from an individual page element, to a web page, to modifications that will update your entire portal.  The Bootstrap file offers the most sweeping changes you can make to your entire portal, and it's one of the easiest aspects of Portal customization to learn!

What is a Dynamics 365 Portal Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a free, opensource framework that acts as a template to determine how and where data is displayed in your Portal.  Each Dynamics Portal is loaded with a default Bootstrap file that can be easily modified if you have CSS and HTML knowledge.  Don't want to customize the file?  There are plenty of free to download Bootstrap files on the web. There are even some tools to build a Bootstrap file without code.  In summary, the Bootstrap determines the overall "theme" of your portal's UI.

Where is my Dynamics 365 Portal Bootstrap?

From Dynamics

The Bootstrap file can be found under the Portal tile of Dynamics's navigation pane under the Web Files entity.  You should see a file named Bootstrap.min.css.  Open this record and look under the Notes tab.  You should see an attachment with the same name as the record.  Replace this file with any Bootstrap file you want to use.

From the Front-end portal web editor

Navigate to the root (home) page of your portal.  Click on "Children" from the Front-End Web Editor.  Locate the Bootstrap.min.css file and replace it with any Bootstrap file you want to use.

In our next blog, we'll take a look at tools and methods of modifying the bootstrap file to customize the look and feel of your portal.

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