Benchmark Your Email Results with Our 2020 Email Marketing Report

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2020 was the year of email—send volumes skyrocketed and email marketing quickly became the preferred channel. With nationwide shutdowns, work from home policies and an increase in the amount of people shopping online, marketers had to find new ways to reach their audiences and, in the end, email proved to be the most reliable communication channel in a year of market disruption. We looked no farther than our inbox for companies’ COVID response efforts, messages of solidarity (some well-received and some not so favorably looked upon), and new and creative ways for people to patronize businesses.


Download emfluence’s Email Marketing Benchmarks Report

The emfluence Marketing Platform alone saw a 177% increase in email send volume and as we compiled our 2020 Email Benchmarks Report, the impact on engagement came into focus. The email landscape is shifting, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. If you have been leveraging your data in Microsoft Dynamics to create more targeted and personalized campaigns and wonder how your results measure up, download our report to compare the following:

  • Average email metrics within your industry
  • B2B email marketing metrics
  • Engagement rates during COVID shutdowns and the holidays
  • Send volume within your industry, and across other industries
  • How different types of email performed



Why do email marketing benchmarks matter?

You may be reviewing your own email metrics and comparing them year over year, but without benchmarks to compare them to, it’s impossible to know whether your email marketing strategy is truly successful. That’s why we compile data from our emfluence Marketing Platform users on an annual basis. Each of our reports looks at unique open rates, click rates, click-to-open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates and complaint rates. These numbers can be used as a point of reference for how you evaluate your campaigns.

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