Upcoming Webinar: Using Dynamics 365 to Empower your Marketing and Sales Teams with Digital Automation

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See first-hand how your sales and marketing teams can automate their manual processes, which take up valuable time and energy, using tools in Dynamics 365 like lead scoring and automated email campaigns.

When: Tuesday, February 16th at 11 AM CST

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In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Target your leads most likely to close with behavior-based and targeted email marketing
  • Use automatic lead scoring models that grade leads based on their interaction with your marketing content
  • Discuss questions with Dynamics 365 Marketing Consultants with a Live Q&A

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation tools take marketing processes that are traditionally done manually and makes them easier and more targeted. For example, instead of guessing how interested your leads are, create complex scoring models that rate them based on their previous interactions with your website and marketing content.

In Dynamics 365, you can utilize marketing automation to automate processes like sending an email to a contact that clicked a link in a previous email or upgrade a lead score when they visit your website.

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