Switch from Old Record View to Kanban Board View to Maximize Business Productivity within Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps

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Switch from Old Record View to Kanban Board View

Information lies at the bottom of every decision we make in business. And well-informed decisions can directly affect the current outcomes of the business as well as shape the future course and direction of businesses towards their desired goals and vision. So if the information is so important today, why not simplify it?

As Dynamics 365 CRM / PowerApps users, you are well aware of the expanse and complexity of information available to you through this great software. So the next order of business is to make the most of it. Here’s when Kanban Board comes into the picture. Kanban Board (Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource) is a card-based system that can change the way you categorize and visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM and PowerApps data.

Let’s walk through the feature highlights of Kanban Board with Kanban View to better understand the utility of this:

Kanban Visualization of Views

Switch from old Record View to Kanban Board View

We are visual thinkers by nature, in simpler words, we understand faster by seeing visualizations. Banking on this insight, Kanban Board introduces a card-based visualization system that allows users to visualize any CRM View as distinct lanes called a Kanban View. This view allows for quick access as well as easy understanding and classification of the data in the view, as you can see in the screenshot.

Business Process Flow

Switch from old Record View to Kanban Board View

A business process is a series of steps that go through various transition phases. When a business process flow is defined for an entity, users can organize and categorize the records using the Kanban Board. For instance, in the ‘Opportunities’ entity users can select the Business Process Flow defined for the entity and get the Kanban view of records at various stages of the process.

Row Grouping

Switch from old Record View to Kanban Board View

Another powerful feature of Kanban View is that it allows users to categorize and group records in a row based on any field value. For instance, consider if a user wants to group records based on their priority of High, Normal, Low, or Other. They can simply drag and drop the cards from one row to another and the field of that record is updated in both lanes & row automatically!

Drag and Drop

Switch from old Record View to Kanban Board View

The modern-day app and feature design have the user as the central focus. One of the most popular functionalities that is made for users is the drag and drop functionality. Kanban Board allows users to drag and drop the cards across columns to quickly update the values of the underlying category field as shown in the above screenshot.

Quick Activity Actions

Switch from old Record View to Kanban Board View

Kanban Board gives users the option to perform some actions instantly by definingQuick Activity actions for the records. Three quick activity actions can be defined as of now. A quick create form is displayed that comes pre-filled with references to the said record already set.

So this was all from this productivity app and how it transforms the user experience and maximizes output. But don’t just take our words for it, you can explore more and try it yourself from our website, you can even find it on Microsoft AppSource. Wondering if this might be the right productivity app for you? Get a free demo by emailing us at crm@inogic.com and we’ll walk you through the solution and how it can apply to your organizational needs.

Until next time – Stay safe and Kanbanize to optimize your working style!

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